Remember, Abortion is a Liberal Concoction

Legalized abortion is a concoction of the liberals in this country. They were the ones who fought to get it legalized and they are the ones that are constantly out in front on a woman’s right to choose to murder her unborn child. Certainly, there have been conservatives who have had abortions and to think otherwise would be insanity. However, conservative by and large oppose abortion and fight vehemently against it. Liberals believe that it is a woman’s right to choose. They also believe that people who are conservative are racists so why is it that Planned Parenthood, a liberal organization that fights any limit on abortion, has been caught accepting donations from people who want their money to be used to abort black children?

Planned Parenthood is a liberal organization. There can be no doubt about that. They espouse abortion on demand for anyone who wants one and they believe that children should be able to get abortions without parental consent or notification. Yet, this liberal organization has been shown to favor aborting black babes in order to gain money.

Planned Parenthood has apologized for their “mistake” but are they sorry for the idea or sorry they got caught? In any event, we once again see liberals as the real racists in this world. No conservative is out saying that we should end abortions, except for black babies. Conservatives want an end to ALL abortions and do not care what color the bay is.

We have seen the ugly head of racism here recently and it involves liberals. We have racist remarks by members of the Clinton team and racist remarks by associates of Barack Obama. Now we have word that Planned Parenthood is all about aborting blacks to get rid of them.

Perhaps blacks should start espousing more conservative values and move back to the Republican party. They would be a lot safer on the right.

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5 Responses to “Remember, Abortion is a Liberal Concoction”

  1. Adam says:

    Fake people called in to PP who wanted to abort black babies, and the staff involved in taking donations didn’t soundly reject them, so therefore PP wants to abort black babies as an organization? Give me a break. This is stupid as hell. You guys will do anything to bash a group like PP. You all are sad and pathetic.

    The problem with your theory about black people and the Democratic party is that it doesn’t mesh with reality. Plenty of African Americans are conservative. Plenty of Democrats in general are conservative. That’s why the Democratic party represents all races, both genders, and the full economic scale. It’s easy to point to Hollywood liberals but the fact is the Democratic party spreads across the political spectrum.

    The Republican party is the party of upper class white Christian males. Deal with it.

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  2. Big Dog says:

    As usual, you are wrong. Notice how the Super Delegates are a bunch of old crusty whie men. Yes, many of the values held by black families are conservative but until they are released from the Democratic plantation they will still be enslaved. The high fatherless rate among that group happened during their Democratic tenure.

    And give me a break, the Democrats are about well connected people. They only care about minorities when they need a vote. If they cared so much they would not keep pushing destructive programs. The Democrats have promised to change that every time there is an election for the last 50 years and nothing has changed. Civil rights legislation was introduced by a Republican and more Republicans (as a percentage) voted for it than Democrats.

    As for PP, they are not an honorable group, they espouse killing the unborn, they oppose any restriction on partial birth abortion, parental notification or anything else. All they want to do is kill, kill, kill. Abortion has killed more people than you people claim have been killed in Iraq and where is the outcry?

    Big Dog’s last blog post..Remember, Abortion is a Liberal Concoction

  3. Adam says:

    Wrong as usual, huh? If belonging to a party that, despite all it’s shortcomings, represents a more diverse set of race and gender in America is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

    You think the Democratic party is a bunch of white men who dupe women and minorities into supporting them. Only a white male Republican like yourself would be so arrogant.

    White men make up about 30% of the Democrats in general, 46% of super delegates. That’s not a big deal at all and in fact the super delegates have become more diverse since they were created. A step in the right direction.

    Please. I’m not going to defend PP or abortion, just going to continue to point out how sad and pathetic this attack was on them. As if passing around pictures of torn up fetuses isn’t enough to help the cause, these guys gotta fake racism and try to pin it on the organization. Pathetic.

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  4. Big Dog says:

    The attack was pathetic? Someone called and they responded. If it had been real we might never know of their racism.

    The Democratic Party claims diversity and then keeps blacks downtrodden. The blacks serve as useful tools for Democrats who have promised to help them for decades and have done absolutely nothing. Republicans have been more helpful, especialy in supporting civil rights legislation. Johnson was a racist and many Democrats did not suport it. More Republicans did. So much for diversity.

    There are quite a few women in the Republican Party and blacks use to be in this party. Johnson was slick in wooing them so they changed and filled his desire of creating a group of people who would always vote Democrat.

    Robert Byrd, David Duke, yep you sure let anyone in…

    Democrats are all a bunch of hypocrites who use and abuse groups of people by playing class warfare. You are pretty good at it as well.

    I am proud to be a white man and I would be proud to be black if Ihad been born black. I am proud to be an American first. I owe no one a thing and everyone had the same opportunities as I. I worked hard to be successful and did not rely on gubmint handouts.

    Big Dog’s last blog post..Remember, Abortion is a Liberal Concoction

  5. Stephen says:

    Dear Blogger:
    Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, recently posted two videos on YouTube in which he describes and demonstrates the two most common abortion procedures, using plastic fetal models, the actual instruments of abortion, and the words found in medical textbooks and court testimony.

    You can view these videos at: (Dismemberment abortion) (Suction abortion).

    These videos are part of a new project called, “Is This What You Mean?” It aims to educate the public about the nature of abortion and to challenge public officials and candidates who support the legality of abortion to admit what it is. A full description of the project is at

    I am requesting that you post links on your blog to these two videos and/or to the full explanation of this powerful project.

    We in the pro-life community have been fed up for a long time with “public servants” who can’t seem to tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public. This election season, it’s time for that to change. No matter what politicians or voters or Church officials are or are not going to do, it’s time that we who know what abortion is, draw a line in the sand and give candidates and office-holders alike this challenge.

    If you will help spread the word by posting these links please email

    Thank you,

    Stephen Gendregske, MEV