You Knew It Would Not Take Long

Strategery: How George W. Bush Is Defeating Terrorists, Outwitting Democrats, and Confounding the Mainstream Media

I knew as soon as the news broke that North Korea had detonated a nuclear bomb that it would not be long before the Democrats would come out with a statement to rewrite history. As with anything involved in getting elected, the moonbats link the test to the Republican’s inability to protect us. Of course, the fact that the Democrats, under their savior Bill Clinton, gave us the problem in North Korea. I wrote about it earlier and I still maintain that I will not be surprised if Clinton himself makes a few appearances so he can, once again, blame his failures on the Bush Administration.

“Unfortunately, on the Bush Administration’s watch, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal has grown to as many as a dozen bombs. Distracted by Iraq and paralyzed by internal divisions, the Bush Administration has for several years been in a state of denial about the growing challenge of North Korea, and has too often tried to downplay the issue or change the subject. Now the White House must rally the international community and must directly speak with the North Koreans so they understand we will not continue to stand on the sidelines.

“I urge the President to immediately appoint a senior official to conduct a full review of his Administration’s failed North Korea policy, develop recommendations to change course, and directly communicate to the North Koreans the consequences of their actions and the Administration’s new course. On North Korea as in other national security policies, the Bush Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress have made America less secure. It is time for a new direction.” Harry Reid

Notice how Dingy Harry tells us that this took place on Bush’s watch and that the Republicans have made us less secure? Also notice how he pops in with it is time for a new direction? This first class jackass is lying through his teeth in an effort to win more seats for the donks. Bill Clinton and his administration gave us this mess in addition to the mess they gave us with bin Laden. These lying jackasses can attempt to rewrite history if they want but the facts are out there. North Korea built these bombs with the things Clinton gave them and broke the deals under his very eyes.

North Korea’s first detonation of a nuclear weapon may have taken place during the watch of George W. Bush — but it was under the Clinton administration’s watch that the communist regime began gathering necessary materials and constructing the bomb.

As Western powers race to confirm that North Korea did in fact explode a nuclear device in Gilju, a remote region in the Hamgyong province, some see it as a culmination of weak U.S. action during the 1990s that led to this fateful day.

Fateful Beginnings

After entering into an agreement with the United States in 1994, the Clinton administration ignored evidence the North Koreans were violating the agreement and continuing to build a nuclear weapon. “In July of 2002, documentary evidence was found in the form of purchase orders for the materials necessary to enrich uranium,” NewsMax’s James Hirsen previously reported. NewsMax

Though the Democrats went nuts when someone dared to suggest that bin Laden became emboldened when Clinton cut and ran and ignored the gathering storm, there is a pattern to the Clinton Presidency that can not be ignored. Clinton ignored the threat of bin Laden and Clinton ignored the evidence against the North Koreans. Clinton ignored a lot of things and those failings are coming home to roost. Most donks believe Clinton is a savior and can do no wrong, even after he showed his moral failings in the White House. They have ignored the pain he brought down upon us with his refusal to get bin Laden and they will ignore his failings that gave North Korea the bomb.

The donks must get tired of rewriting history to cover the anointed one’s ass. Fortunately for them, there is an election coming up and they can use their lies to their benefit. Yes, they will tell people we are not safer because North Korea has a bomb but what people really need to ask is; who do we want in office, the people who gave us the problem or those willing to actually clean up the mess?

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One Response to “You Knew It Would Not Take Long”

  1. mike says:

    the only thing Clinton was concerned about during his term in office was when his next orgasm was going to happen and who was going to blow him, or who was he going to have to harass to get off…

    pure Arkansas trash – pathological liars – he and that demon bride of his Hiraly Rotten Clinton –