They Should Be In School

Thousands of school kids in Los Angeles left school today to protest the new immigration reform the Congress is working on. These kids should have stayed in school and spent time in English class. Perhaps they should have been doing school work instead of disrupting traffic and causing problems.

I know people have a right to assemble but with that right comes responsibility. If you leave work to protest, your boss can fire you. Likewise, these kids left school so they should not be excused for the absence and they should not be allowed to make up the work. It isn’t bad enough that the illegal ones broke the law to get here but now they are disregarding established rules to protest.

The only sad thing about the whole fiasco is they drew more people protesting the government’s crackdown on illegals than the anti-war protesters did last weekend. I guess the anti-war crown is just not as organized as the illegal immigration crowd.

Source: NBC 4

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