From El Chapo To Oh Crappo

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is the Houdini of drug lords. He manages to escape from prisons that are supposed to be top notch. I imagine with his drug money he pays a lot of people off to make sure he is able but that is another issue for another time (like when the Mexican government starts going after them).

El Chapo recently escaped and was on the run until he did an interview with potential CIA operative Sean Penn and ended up captured. El Chapo is now back in jail waiting to be extradited to the US.

As far as this guy is concerned they should ship him to Gitmo and leave him there until he rots but before they do officials might want to ask him about a particular rifle found at his hideout.

El Chapo had a 50 caliber rifle that he had his men use to try and take down law enforcement helicopters. That rifle came from the United States.

Now before you go all Obama on me and scream that this is why we need more gun control you should know the rifle was part of the Fast and Furious operation. You know, the one where Obama allowed thousands of firearms to be illegally transferred to drug cartels so they could track them. Only problem is the ATF lost track of the firearms. They have turned up at crime scenes and one was used to kill border patrol agent Brian Terry (yes Obama should be tired for being an accomplice to that murder) but all the documents relating to that operation are locked up under the claim of executive privilege (a judge has ruled that Obama must turn the documents over to Congress, make some popcorn folks).

So Obama has a couple of oh crap moments going on. He has to turn over his Fast and Furious documents at the same time one of his firearms was found in the possession of a well-known drug lord.

The news went from El Chapo to Oh Crappo pretty quickly.

Keep in mind that you would go to jail for the kind of strawman purchases (which Obama erroneously blames for most of the gun crime in places like Chicago) Obama is involved in.

Maybe gun control should involve controlling the government and nothing more…

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More Proof Obama And Holder Are Murderers

Mr Obama, YOU did build this…

We did not need much proof that Obama is a murderer. He supports allowing babies born after an unsuccessful abortion to be left to die. He supports abortion on demand and at any time during the pregnancy. He supports murder whether the decision is above his pay grade or not.

Obama and his Attorney general are also complicit in the murder of Mexicans and at least one (and possibly a few more) Border Patrol Agents. When the Mexican drug cartel enforcer, Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez (El Diego), was captured in Mexico he had weapons from fast and Furious in his possession. Yes, the man who was responsible for the mass murder of school children and rival drug cartel members in Mexico committed his murders with guns that Eric Holder and Barack Obama allowed to walk into Mexico.

Obama and Holder have broken the law, acted with reckless abandon, and allowed guns to illegally walk into Mexico where they were used to murder people.

To top it off they have both lied about their involvement and Obama has taken proactive steps to cover up the illegal activities by sealing documents relevant to the case.

Obama and Holder lied and people died.

Imagine how up in arms (pun intended) the liberals and their sock puppets in the media would be if George Bush had allowed firearms to be illegally walked into a country where they were used to murder people. Imagine how the left would suddenly love and care about Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry if he was murdered with a weapon provided by George Bush. Since Barack Obama and Eric Holder were involved in the murder the media are silent.

It is disgusting that this happened and it is disgusting that Americans and Mexicans were murdered as a result of illegal activities by Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

It is just as disgusting that this was all done as a ruse to convince people that American gun laws needed to be stricter. This was done to arm Obama with plenty of ammunition (pun intended again) so he could go after more gun control.

Obama and Holder broke the law in an effort to force more gun control (and to eventually outlaw guns) and people ended up dead.

Now they are covering up the crimes they committed.

We need to remove them from office and November 6th is our chance to do so.

In a just world they would both be serving time in a federal prison.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Fast And Furious Times At Ridgemont High

The comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High showed teenagers navigating through high school and exploring their sexuality (which for this comedy means teens having sex). There is no comedy in Mexico as Spanish language TV Univision linked the deaths of 16 teenagers to Operation Fast and Furious, the illegal gun running operation conceived and executed by Barack Obama and his regime.

The illegal activities remain locked away under seal of alleged protected presidential communications. In other words, the “most transparent” administration in history has sealed records showing that it conducted illegal activities, activities that resulted in the death of 300 Mexicans, 16 of whom were school students.

The illegal gun running operation also resulted in the deaths of Americans including a Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

There is no doubt that guns illegally provided by Barack Obama were used to murder people and there is no doubt that Barack Obama has engaged in a cover-up.

There is also no doubt that the lives of many people have been forever changed because Barack Obama allowed guns to be illegally purchased and provided to members of drug cartels. Barack Obama has blood on his hands and that is why he has hidden those memos.

Univision also found 57 weapons that were not reported. Imagine that, Obama allowed a lot of firearms to illegally enter Mexico and cannot fully account for them. Who lied to Congress about this and why is that person (or persons) not in a jail cell?

The families of the Mexicans who were murdered, all of them including the teenagers, deserve to know what happened and why. They deserve to know why Barack Obama cared so little about their lives and their safety that he armed drug cartels with weapons.

One wonders if the Libyans who raped and murdered Ambassador Stevens and murdered three others used arms provided by Barack Obama when he supported the Arab Spring.

Of course if he did we will never know beause he will claim Executive Privilege.

Yes, in the original movie teens were having sex.

In Fast and Furious they just got screwed…

Here is a link to the Univision report on Fast and Furious. WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES OF VIOLENCE AND DEATH.

Liberals might think Fast and Furious is old news but it is likely that for many of Univision’s viewers this is the first they have heard of Obama’s policy that resulted in the murder of Mexican citizens.

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The Cover-Up At A Fast And Furious Pace

There has been a tendency on the part of this administration [Bush Administration] to try to hide behind Executive Privilege every time there is something a little shaky taking place and I think the administration would be best served by coming clean on this. ~ Senator Barack Obama

Attorney General Eric Holder is involved in a very bad cover-up of wrong doing in a little thing known as Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious was an illegal gun running operation conducted under the direction of Holder. It was all designed to allow the Obama regime to enact strict gun control but went south when guns the regime allowed to flow into Mexico showed up at murders, including the murder of a Border Patrol Agent. Make no mistake, the guns were allowed to run into Mexico because the Justice Department forced gun dealers to make illegal sales.

Holder has been under investigation for nearly a year and has stonewalled every step of the way. He refuses to release documents relating to the illegal operation and a vote to hold him in contempt looms in the House.

Through all of this the Obama regime claimed ignorance of the operation (and they even blame it on, wait for it, Bush). BTW, this has been disproved) and Holder has done his best to protect Obama from being implicated in the operation. Obama did not see anything, has no knowledge and is not involved.

Eric Holder wrote a letter to Barack Obama asking him to invoke Executive Privilege to cover the documents that Holder does not want to release. Barack Obama did indeed invoke Executive Privilege. Now, if Obama has never seen them and was not involved then how could he possibly know they are documents that should be protected by Executive Privilege? It seems that Barack Obama knows what is in those documents and he is invoking Executive Privilege in order to assist Holder in the cover-up.

This is the same Barack Obama who, as a Senator, said that he was against hiding behind Executive Privilege. This video is from an interview on the Larry King Show:

When Richard Nixon was president there was a little thing called Watergate. Nixon was threatened with impeachment and eventually resigned from office because of it. It is believed that Nixon was not involved in the decision to conduct the break in, his staff was involved in that. Nixon got in trouble because after he was informed about it he was implicated in the cover-up that took place. The reason Nixon was implicated is because he had a recording system in his office and there were tapes of the meetings where the cover-up was discussed. Nixon attempted to assert Executive Privilege to keep the tapes from being released but the Supreme Court ruled that he had to hand them over.

Nixon attempted to assert Executive Privilege in order to cover-up the wrong doing and he ended up losing his job under threat of impeachment (and the certainty he would be found guilty by the Senate). Does this sound familiar?

Today Barack Obama had his Richard Nixon moment and time will tell if he will be treated the same way by the Democrats and their media wing.

Where are Woodward and Bernstein now?

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Big Dog


Obama Has Secured The Border

Looks like Obama has secured the border against terror. Big Sis and the DHS seized 13,000 illegal hair dryers that were inadequate because they lacked protection to prevent shock if they are dropped in water. While electric shock in the bathroom is a problem and can cause death I am not sure bragging about stopping the dryers from blowing across the border is a wise move considering the other things, things much bigger than hair dryers, that make it across all the time.

In fact, our borders were penetrated by firearms that were allowed to be illegally purchased and shipped (by our government) in the other direction. Those firearms have been responsible for many more deaths than illegal hair dryers.

The number of people, which by the way are a lot bigger than hair dryers, who cross the border is well over 13,000. In fact, the number of people who cross into this country exceeds many multiples of that 13,000 number. Perhaps the DHS could spend a little more effort on catching these people and work on the hair dryers during the slow times.

Maybe DHS could spend more time keeping an eye on the DOJ so that it doesn’t illegally send weapons across the border. If they spent more time doing that one of our border patrol agents would not have been killed with one of those illegal weapons.

At least we are safe from rogue hair dryers.

How appropriate that the regime saved the country from something that emits a lot of hot air. Seems like karma…

Cave canem!
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