Survival of the Fittest; Liberals Losing

Though I do not believe in evolution, at least not in the Darwinian sense, I do believe that the fittest of a species survive in order for that species to continue to survive. Some creatures, unable to adapt, become extinct. I believe that one day a certain segment of the population of humans will be gone because they are not the fittest or, in some cases the smartest, to continue on.

Liberals (and I use that rather than Democrat or Republican because I realize there are liberals and conservatives in each party) are generally killing themselves off. The Supreme Court decision allowing abortion has resulted in about 40 million murders since that ruling took place. While I am not naive enough to believe that they were all liberals, I believe that the vast majority were. Given that abortion is a predominantly liberal position it only stands to reason that more liberals get abortions. This means that while liberals are having fewer or no children, conservatives (for the most part) are continuing to repopulate. This does not bode well for liberals as they will dwindle as a force in the future because they will not be bringing little libs into the world. This might explain why the school system attempts to brainwash our children with liberalism. They do not have their own kids to raise as liberals so they attempt to do so with ours.

In France there is another trend and that is that young women are deciding not to have children (1.89 births per woman), possibly in pursuit of a career. I do not know if they are aborting children or working hard not to have them but they are not repopulating at a high enough rate to ensure France’s continued existence. I also do not know how the political ideology breaks down but since France has overwhelmingly liberal views I would have to venture a guess that it is mostly liberal women not having kids.

In the UK there is another very small movement of environmentalist women deciding not to have children in order to protect the planet. The Daily Mail reports on two women who have decided not to have children for this reason. One was surgically sterilized and the other woman’s husband was surgically sterilized. The indication is that more couples are deciding not to have children as a matter of saving the planet though there is no indication as to what good a planet is without life on it.

These practices, by people who would be considered predominantly liberal, all but ensures that sometime in the future there will be few if any liberals left to make much of an impact on anything. At the rate liberals are going they will fail to be a force in the world.

While the lower-income males are feeling their genes being squeezed out of the human gene pool may be a bit of a surprise, no one should be surprised at the sharp decline in white Liberal male and female reproduction. This is to be expected, as Liberals, on average, have lower incomes when compared to Conservatives. However, even when controlling for income, the Liberals are still abandoning reproduction at a faster rate than Conservatives. Neuropolitics

[Author Note] The idea that Conservatives make more money seems to be at odds with recent data that shows Democrats represent more of the wealthy people in this country. Washington Times

Let us only hope that they do not become extinct because we need them. We need a small group of them to remind us why liberalism is not good.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Survival of the Fittest; Liberals Losing”

  1. Schatz says:

    Interesting – very interesting. My only concern is that for the most part responsible (and mostly conservative) people tend to be the ones having reasonable sized families and ones for which they can provide. On the other hand, the “generation of privilege” folks that are reproducing at a far greater rate and having large families are, unfortunately, usually the possessors of less-than-preferable genes. As harsh as that may sound, it is a genetic/population statistics reality. In this instance, they may counterbalance the abortion/depletion of liberals “for the planet.”