More Moonbats Unhinged-From Webloggin

Over at Webloggin there is a post from a moonbat site that was put up to show how truly unhinged the left is. The post is about the resignation of Treasury Secretary Snow and whether Bush lied when he said that they had not discussed his resignation. Later, it was learned that Bush phrased his answer the way he did to protect the markets and the economy. The comments from the unhinged moonbats are truly vicious. They claim Bush is back on the sauce and using cocaine and that his drug dealing, boyfriend killing wife argues with him all the time. The left is truly full of idiots, one of whom calls for the President to be taken out and shot (listen for the doorbell. The men in black suits will want to talk to you). One comment I found particularly amusing:

But I thought the economy was doing great. Why would announcing a new treasury secretary affect our outrageously strong economy.

Oh I know, everything these guys do is aimed at the stock market. Because you know when the stock market is really strong, I get a bigger pay check.

Oh wait, no I don’t. Somebody else gets rich off of the work I do to promote my company. (emphasis added)

Now let us look at what the moonbatlet (baby moonbat) had to say. Someone else gets rich off the work he does to promote his company. He finds this to be just criminal. Well listen up little moonbat, that is exactly what happens each time the government takes part of my paycheck in taxes to pay for the never ending social programs you and every other moonbat cry for. I work hard to promote my company and to earn a living and the government uses extortion to take some a lot of my money. Look at gasoline. Oil companies and their employees work hard to supply us with gas and the government takes three times the oil company’s profits in taxes. So you, my little moonbatlet, are not the only one who works hard while others profit from your efforts.

It is time for you double talking BDS sufferers to wake up and stop sucking at the kool-aid teat.

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