Mexico Wants An Investigation

An 18 year old Mexican man was shot by a border patrol agent when the man, who was entering the US illegally, threw rocks at the agent. The man later died of his wounds. Mexico is demanding an investigation into the shooting. I do not know what there is to investigate but let me conduct it and clear the issue up. A man was entering our country illegally and he was confronted by a border guard. The man threw rocks at the guard and was shot. This is no different than shooting a person who breaks into your house.

The Mexicans see it differently:

The shooting “shows once again that only a law that guarantees organized, legal and respectful entry (to the United States) can solve the problems posed by migration,” Aguilar said (presidential spokesman).

Senor Aguilar, just so you will know, we have an organized, legal, and respectful entry policy and if your people apply for entry legally, they will not get shot. The reason we have laws is to keep people from coming here illegally yet your government encourages its citizens to enter the US illegally and provides them assistance in doing so. If you want to keep your people from being shot as trespassers, teach them that it is illegal to enter the US without the proper paperwork.

There, the investigation is completed. A criminal (all people entering illegally are criminals) has been shot while entering this country illegally and in the commission of that crime attempting to assault an officer.

Senor Aguilar, the fact that you do not get it and would demand an investigation shows your blatant disregard for US immigration policy and further demonstrates the contempt with which you hold our laws. Do your job at home and you will not have to bury your mistakes.


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