MD AG Brian Frosh; Anti Constitution POS

The Attorney General of Maryland, Brian Frosh, has sent a letter to Attorneys General in the other states (even the free ones) asking them to push for gun purchase laws similar to the ones he spearheaded when he was in the Maryland legislature. Frosh and US Congress critter Chris Van Hollen (a waste of human flesh) are working hand in hand as Van Hollen has introduced legislation to force these kinds of licensing schemes on the country.

Both of these men are enemies of the state and should be put in jail for their work against the US Constitution.

Frosh cites a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. The name should tell you all you need to know as this group is not in favor of gun ownership.

The study compared two states and drews conclusions that stretch things to say the least.

In any study of gun laws that affects all 50 states it is cherry picking to select only two for the study. This was done so that a conclusion wanted by the researchers could be obtained. It is a tortuous process but these anti-Constitutional morons have to find a way to lord over you.

Part of Frosh’s statement:

“We can only do so much,” Frosh said at a news conference in Towson. “People can buy guns in our neighboring jurisdictions and bring them across the state lines illegally, and it adds to the violence and deaths that we experience in our state.” The Baltimore Sun

Frosh did quite a lot to impose gun control in Maryland and the murder rate has not declined (in the areas where it has always been an issue, the rural areas have no such problems). People in Baltimore (a liberal run city where the Mayor gives rioters room to destroy the city and attack police) are being shot all the time and they are being shot by people who cannot pass a background check (a federal requirement) and who do not obtain firearms legally.

Though his reasoning is flawed because guns used for violence in Maryland do not, by and large, come from neighboring states (and those that do are obtained illegally by people who can’t legally buy or own them), Frosh’s statement shows that laws do not matter. He says that people can go to other states and buy guns and bring them here ILLEGALLY.

This import from other states is just not happening as people who are not otherwise excluded from firearms ownership do not complete these kinds of strawman purchases. Law abiding people are not breaking the law here, it is the unlawful who are doing so. So if they are already breaking the law how would another law change that?

Frosh is basically and idiot in human skin who suckles at the teat of government to get his paycheck. He is an elitist puke who thinks he can better determine how you should live your life than you can.

Brian ignores the fact that in the recent past while Americans have purchased over 170 million firearms violent crime has dropped by greater than 50%.

More legal guns means less crime.

Frosh has no clue as to what causes crime or why firearms are used. He has no clue as to how they are obtained. He wants strict control that will only affect those who actually obey the law.

But if he thinks I need a license to purchase a firearm I will be happy to show him mine.

It reads like this:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.


Like I stated earlier, Frosh is not a supporter of the Constitution

He should be in Gitmo…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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