Management Admits it Knew About ILLEGALS at Swift

I wrote yesterday about a raid at Swift and Company meat processors in which an untold number of ILLEGALS were removed from the workplace. There were people complaining and asking officials “who will pick up their children?” As far as I am concerned ICE can pick up the children at the same time they pick up the rest of the family. They all need to go back to their country of origin. Now i realize that some of these children might be citizens because they were anchor babies so that means parents have a choice, go home without your kids or take them with you.

The company indicated that it never knowingly hires ILLEGALS:

No charges had been filed against Swift. In a written statement, President and CEO Sam Rovit said the company has never knowingly hired illegal workers and does not condone the practice.

It is interesting for them to make that statement because they admitted to knowing that they had ILLEGALS working for them. The article indicates that ICE notified SWIFT that they would conduct the raid on Dec 4th and the company tried to have that raid halted because they would lose up to 40% of their workforce and it would cause them irreparable harm:

Immigration officials last month informed Swift that it would remove unauthorized workers on Dec. 4, but Swift asked a federal judge to prevent agents from conducting the raid, arguing it would cause “substantial and irreparable injury” to its business.

Swift estimated that a raid would remove up to 40 percent of its 13,000 workers. After a closed hearing, a judge on Thursday rejected Swift’s request, clearing the way for the raids.

So, if they do not condone the practice of hiring ILLEGALS, how could they estimate that a raid would cost them 40% of their workforce. If they truthfully did not hire ILLEGALS and they did not condone the practice then they would not have to worry about a raid and could have said that it would cost them business in down time while the raid was conducted. Instead, they came right out and said it would cost them 40% of their workforce which means they knew that they had about 5200 employees who were ILLEGALS.

The company has admitted that they knew they were using ILLEGALS and therefore should be fined for the practice. They should have to pay a $10,000 fine per ILLEGAL they employed and then they should have to reimburse the government for the cost of the raid and the deportation proceedings. Additionally, the company should have to provide protection to any American citizen whose Social Security Number was used illegally through credit monitoring.

A $52 million fine and credit monitoring plus cost reimbursement should make this company, or any other, think real hard about who they hire. If that puts them out of business or hurts the bottom line a bit then they will have no one to blame but themselves. It will make the PETA folks happy as well, so the donks should not be too upset that their new voter base is being sent south, despite protestations by, who else, labor unions.

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2 Responses to “Management Admits it Knew About ILLEGALS at Swift”

  1. Virginia says:

    There is nothing in this article that I do not agree with. Raids are good, hope they increase nation wide.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for commenting. I agree, raids are a good thing. The problem is we take 1,300 out and 13,000 sneak in. But, having them live in fear of knowing this is happening is good and if they fine the company heavily, a lot of other companies might rethink their positions.