Let’s Change Their Address To Jail

CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf had some sobering words about the state of our fiscal health and is indicating that we will have to employ some combination of higher taxes, cutting spending or scaling back programs that have been robbed by politicians.

Elmendorf said that the growth in spending of Social Security and health care programs has resulted in “fundamental fiscal challenges.” He claims that we have the three choices outlined to fix the problem which exists because politicians took the money that people paid in and spent it on other things.

What he is basically saying is that you sheep paid into these programs and government spent YOUR money on other things and since government can’t repay what it stole YOU have to pay more in. You paid it in and now you have to pay again because they robbed you blind.

Imagine what members of Congress would do to a business that managed people’s money like Congress has managed ours. The legal eagles would be all over this and the person (or persons) who stole your money would be in jail.

Not so with our elected officials. They robbed you blind and they expect you to pay more to remedy their theft. They do not feel they should be held accountable for violating your trust. Yes, you did trust them. The government set up Social Security and forced people to participate. The promise was that if you paid a little in to the account each pay you would have money for retirement. Don’t worry; big government will look after your money until you retire.

Problem is whenever money sits around a politicians thinks it needs to be spent. So spend it they did and now the lock box only has worthless IOUs in it. The only way to replace the money you paid in is to take more money from you.

Of course, they will spend that as well.

We need to abolish the Social Security system. We can allow those on it or near retirement to stay in and they will eventually die off. The rest of us can put our own money away and when we retire it will be there.

Even though government robbed Americans of trillions of dollars people still think it is a good idea to have government in charge of health care.

What could possibly go wrong?

I think one change that Elmendorf did not address is the change that would help the most. We need a change of address for all the politicians.

That address should be a prison.

One run by Sheriff Arpaio…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Let’s Change Their Address To Jail”

  1. Mike Radigan says:

    Do not click on comment 1’s username. It has php in its addy and may infect your computer.

  2. terry s says:

    it amazing how these crooks keep getting relected. congres has an approval rating in the single digit and yet the keep getting relected. its time to clean house. re-elect no one and recall the rest