How Progressive! Lopez Gets Fired Before the Racist Remark

Actor Comedian George Lopez had a television show on ABC entitled, amazingly enough, The George Lopez Show. This show, which chronicled his life from poverty to alcoholism to kidney transplant lasted for five years. I saw this show twice and how it lasted for that long is beyond me but Lopez is not happy today because the show was finally put out of our misery. ABC canceled the show, like they and other networks do each year, based on financial considerations. Lopez was unhappy because he said that this show was important though to whom is not quite clear. He also said that TV just got a whole lot whiter.

ABC can say they canceled the show because of financial consideration or for any other reason they want but the fact is they canceled it preemptively in the aftermath of the Don Imus incident. ABC must have known that Lopez would make a racist remark at some point so they fired him before he actually did. Blame this on that race baiting poverty pimp Al Sharpton and his group of thugs who go around pressuring businesses because of things Al and the home boys do not like. Imus said nappy headed hos and Al demanded that he be fired. JV and Elvis made fun of Asians and they got canned (how come they never went after Rosie?) and Opie and Anthony are on the gang plank for remarks they made about sexually abusing Condi Rice and Laura Bush. Ironically, though Al Sharpton claims he is not the ring leader in these issues he is listed as the one leading the crusade for Opie and Anthony to be fired.

ABC did what CBS has been unable to do and that is fire people before they something politically incorrect. CBS waited until after Imus and JV and Elvis said offensive things to fire them. Opie and Anthony are on satellite so it will be interesting to see what happens to them. In any event, Al Sharpton and his crusaders got this poor Chicano Lopez fired before he said anything bad and it is a good thing they did because he said it right after they canned him.

Talk about the nick of time.

Big Dog

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