Big Dog’s Weblog Honored By Rush Limbaugh!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely happy to inform you that this web site has been chosen by Rush Limbaugh as the Featured “Ditto” Site of the Week for the week of 14 August. I know the liberal readers are asking “so what?” but this is one proud dog.

The site was nominated by Surfside who wrote the following:

Always witty, sometimes sarcastic and always “right,” Big Dog’s dissects the news of the day in both an informative and entertaining way. With three writers, the diverse offerings run from rants to informative, in-depth posts. The blog’s progenitor, Big Dog, is a retired Army Vet; and, the blog often highlights military stories.

As you can imagine Rush probably gets thousands of nominations so I know I speak for everyone here when I say we are very proud, honored, and quite humbled by the selection.

This is how Mr. Limbaugh’s site describes the sites that have been chosen:

They represent the best sites on the World Wide Web that personify the ideas of Rush and like-minded Americans.

The link to it is Rush Limbaugh Sites.

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6 Responses to “Big Dog’s Weblog Honored By Rush Limbaugh!”

  1. Schatz says:

    Congrats to you all – a well-deserved honor and I’m sure there will be many more to come. :clap_tb:

  2. Dave says:

    Congratulations, Big Dog! To you and your ‘co-conspirators’. LOL. A job well done.

  3. N. Mallory says:

    I’ll just give my mother’s standard response when she doesn’t get it: “Well, um…congrats…I think…”


  4. Big Dog says:

    I guess the follow up question to N.Mallory is what don’t you get? Is it how could Rush select this site or why is anyone excited about it?

    In either case (though I hope you mean the second and not the first LOL) it is nice to have a liberal female who comments here and does so in a civilized fashon. It is refeshing after the last few weeks.

  5. N. Mallory says:

    It was the second and it was partly a joke, seeing as how I don’t like Rush (talk about drama queen ;) ), but I can imagine the prestige. :) He’s really big among my conservative friends.

    And if you keep flattering me like that, my head might get too big. :P

  6. Big Dog says:

    Drama seems to work for his pocket book. Like him or hate him he is one smart guy.

    I might have to get my own talk show so I can have a following. Well, if you call 4 or 5 people a following.