Hillary Would Have Won The Gold

There is a story out that Hillary Clinton wanted to be an Olympic athlete. The story is filled with her desires in life and how girls could not get the opportunity. She indicates that if she was lucky she came in second to last. Perhaps she did not make the Olympics because she sucks in athletics?

I say she could win the Gold Medal right now if the events had anything to do with ducking, running, hiding, evading, or lying. She would win the women’s Gold in each event and could win a pentathlon in the combined events.

She indicates she also wanted to be an astronaut. I can think of two shuttles she would have been great on. I hope that when she runs for President she comes in second to last.

Source: NewsDay

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One Response to “Hillary Would Have Won The Gold”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    LOL I love your post on this. Your the best!