Empty Promises of the Democratic Party

There is a segment of society that believes people are entitled to everything in life at no cost whatsoever. These people have been around for quite some time but they have multiplied in numbers since the 1960s when LBJ and his policies created a group dependent upon government for everything. These policies helped to breed new generations of people who believed that they were entitled to anything they wanted from health care to college free of charge, paid for by the government. Unfortunately, those among this group who chose to go to school were failed by the educational system that did not teach them that whatever the government gives away is taken from others who have worked hard to earn it.

Those in the government, particularly the Democratic party, who espouse higher taxes and wealth redistribution believe that this is only proper and that it is our duty to care for those less fortunate. People like John Edwards, Martin O’Malley (Maryland Governor), Hillary Clinton, and B. Hussein Obama believe that we should all contribute to these programs or that we all have to sacrifice. They use euphemisms to mask what is really taking place and that is extortion. We do not make contributions and we are not sacrificing because these are acts that are voluntary. We are relieved of our money under threat. Our money is coerced from us under the strong arm of the government and the jack booted IRS who will crush us and put us in jail if we refuse to pay those who are extorting from us. A bigger problem is that the federal government can increase the amount we are required to pay at any time and we either take it or go to jail, or we find ways to earn less money so that we do not pay as much to the tax collector.

The Democratic hopefuls for the office of President have all expressed their desires to raise taxes on those who work so that those who do not may reap benefits from our hard work. I do not believe that people are entitled to free heath care and they are not entitled to a free college education. Of course, it would only be free to them because someone, those paying taxes, would have to pay the bills.

I believe that people are entitled to affordable health care and affordable education. I have, many times, written about health care and how it could be made affordable. My plan involves less government intervention and requires people to be responsible for their choices. I also believe that education should be affordable and that people should be able to take out low cost loans in order to get an education. None of these items requires taxpayers to foot the bills. Of course, in order for people to be able to get a good college education we must overcome the dismal performance of public schools in preparing people for college.

Another issue is Social Security and this is also an area where the Democrats do not want people to have a choice. They are content with raising the rate or cap upon which SS is based in order to pay out meager retirement checks and thus keep the elderly beholden to the government. Social Security should be privatized so that people can make their own retirement decisions. Any plan that involves retirement money should allow people to pass their savings on to their heirs, something the Democrats oppose.

No matter how it is sliced the Democrats espouse class warfare with social programs that force those with money to pay for those without. Unfortunately these programs have a stifling effect on production and growth and cause more and more people to become dependent upon the big nanny government. The Democrats know this and that is their end game. The more people beholden to them the more votes they can count on.

The unfortunate reality is that most people who vote Democrat do not see the error of these kinds of policies. They go through life blind to the realities and as long as they get their checks they do not care.

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