Democrats insult Handicapped!

The democrats in Tennessee are reflecting the lowball tactics becomming increasingly more common among their party during the final weeks of this election. Democrat Craig Fitzhugh is using a poster of a special olympics runner with George Bush’s head superimposed with a message that calls people who vote for Bush “retards.”
David Dahl, Fitzhugh’s opponent, has called for the flyers to be immediately recalled. Dahl Said:

?Hard-ball politics is one thing and everyone expects tough battles, but using those who are born with mental disabilities for political fodder is disgusting.?

This is the disgusting picture.

Dahl is definately right on this one. Imagine what kind of uproar this would cause if a republican did it. The fact is this is disgusting and insults all people who have disabilities. Couple this with John Edwards’ remarks about Christopher Reeve getting out of his wheelchair and walking under a Kerry administration and you can see the blatant contempt they have for people in general.

Funny, the republicans are always portrayed as the uncaring group. It is the republican candidate that was outraged!
See the whole story here.

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