Daily Kos Kids are Wrong Again

I wrote recently about the suggestion at the Daily Kos for voters in Michigan to vote for Romney to keep him in the race and make the republicans fight it out. I indicated at the time that Michigan had a screwed up system where they allow people to vote for whomever they want. John Bambenek filed a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General and the Kos kids are having a field day with it. I really don’t care who the people in Michigan vote for and if they need a loser like Kos to tell them how to vote then they are worse off than can be imagined. A recent post, however, has a blatant error in it. Kagro X goes on and on about Bambenek’s complaint and he writes this:

Special Note #1 for the media: This case should tell you in no uncertain terms that when wingnuts cry to you about voter fraud — and let’s be honest, they’re constantly crying about it — they have not a clue in the world what they’re talking about, and they should be given no more attention than if they’d told you they’ve got video of Elvis descending from a UFO to cast a stretchy, sequined ballot.

Do not forget this. There’s nothing the Republicans whine about more annoyingly or more frequently these days than “voter fraud.” And here they are, once again, demonstrating embarrassingly for all to see, that all they can really hope for is for the media not to ask any questions when they slap that oh-so-scary-sounding label on… well, whatever the hell they happen to have at hand.

Do not believe Republican crocodile tears about voter fraud. They don’t know what it is. Daily Kos

I think Kagro took too many hits from the ceremonial bong to write such BS. It is almost always the Democrats who cry about voter fraud. The only time the say that all went well is when they win. In Florida in 2000 it was all the Democrats who cried about purged voter rolls, intimidation and disenfranchisement (a word most of them did not know until then) and it was they, along with Michael Moore who vowed not to let the same fraud happen in 2004. Moore provided video cameras and a hot line so people could video tape incidents of fraud and telephone in their concerns. Moore did not want the republicans to engage in the perceived fraud of 2000.

It was the Democrats who committed voter fraud that allowed JFK to win in 1960, screwed Ellen Sauerbrey out of the Governor’s seat in Maryland and it was Democratic voter fraud that discovered and counted ballots in Washington state to give a Democrat the win. These are the same Democrats who cried about Diebold machines and how evil Republicans were tapping into them and making votes change. It was Democrats who stated that they voted for one guy and the screen registered for another. It was Democrats who were too stupid to use a butterfly ballot and then claimed that they had been cheated.

It is always a Democrat who cries about voter fraud unless the Democrats win. Has anyone paid attention? In 2000 we had all the so called fraud in Florida and then in 2004 there was all the so called fraud in Ohio. Fraud claims that turned out to be unsubstantiated but were filed by DEMOCRATS. In 2006 the Democrats won and regained control of both chambers of the Congress. None of them said there was any voter fraud (or complained about Diebold machines) because they got the outcome they wanted. You can bet that if they had not won they would be crying like Kos in a room full of real men that they had been the victims of fraud.

This is the problem with Democrats. They assume that if they fail to win there had to be fraud because everyone, according to them, loves their message. The only explanation they have for loss is voter fraud because to believe anything else would shoot down their perceived importance and worth. The fact is, when voters reject the Democrats fraud is not involved.

I am not saying that fraud does not exist and I am sure that it happens in both parties. What I am saying is that the idea that Republicans always cry about fraud is contrary to the facts. Democrats try to project their inadequacies on the Republican Party as if saying it enough will make it true. Kagro and Kos and all the rest can complain about Bambenek and his complaint and they can present their case but to spout off blatant lies is beyond the pale especially in the face of contrary evidence.

Leave it to moonbats to distort the truth. No wonder they love Bill Clinton.

UPDATE: If you go to Kos and read the comments you will see a number of libtards crying about stolen elections. I rest my case.

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “Daily Kos Kids are Wrong Again”

  1. Cao says:

    Or Hillary- they’re essentially the same – disastrous for America.

    This is a great post, Dog.

  2. I’ve seen Democrats working the nursing homes and registering people who were too infirm and non-lucid to make any types of judgments, especially about whom to vote for. These were not innocent mistakes, but a downright intentional victimization of the old and infirm. When they victimize peoples in the manner in which they do, there is no doubt that they will intentionally screw the system.

    It is not that so Democrats many engage in fraud which most concerns me. It is the fact that so many are blatent traitors to our country and nothing is being done about it. MSM often joins them in speaking treachery and is always faithful in covering up with silence when it is helpful to them.

    Bill Clinton was always proud to have been the youngest “American” to address the presidium of the communist party in Russia during the time of the Viet Nam war. Strange that the press never seemed to catch up on that during the time he was in office.

  3. TheSquire says:

    Um, if the Dems are always going off about voter fraud, why is it that the GOP is all big into requiring 15 forms of ID and the blood of one’s firstborn child in order to vote? Oh, and why is it that the US Attorney purge kicked out people who were unwilling to prosecute baseless charges of vote fraud on behalf of the GOP?

  4. Let us not forget that voter fraud was elevated to an art form by the late Richard Daley, whose son just happens to be working nonstop in the background of the Obama campaign. It’s absolutely laughable how much the Dems have whined about voter fraud in recent years given their pioneering efforts in it.

  5. Squire, I would like to see the “fact based and reliable evidence” that the US Attorneys were tossed out for that particular reason. Having been a lifelong Democrat and seeing what I have seen the last few years, I am now a “recovering liberal”. I have seen Democrat precinct committemen fix voting machines with rubber bands, put out absentee ballots for people who were deceased, use contacts in voter’s registration to “find reasons to toss out know Republican absentee ballots, I seen much corruption in the Democrat party and Big Dog is right, Dems are big babies and whine and complain if they don’t get their way. It is the lack of ability to be accountable and engage in fair and truthful accademic debate that started me on the path to conservative thinking. You all start name calling and inventing facts instead of stating the truth and think you can fool people forever! Well, that Dog don’t hunt for people who actually think about what they are told.

  6. repuglican08 says:

    Haha…It’s both laughable and pathetic that you think you’ve picked out a Blatant error. REpuglicans have been accusing us of voter fraud, at least on a small scale for years. Your arguement means nothing and you missed the point entirely (Mr. Bambenek was calling something voter fraud that clearly wasn’t. His claim sounded uneducated and hysterical.).
    Oh, and you’re an atrocious writer.