Blacks Can’t Make It?

It would seem that if a conservative black person is successful then he has sold out to the repressive white conservative. Any blacks who are successful and are conservative are automatically labeled as Uncle Toms and Sambos. Condi Rice and Colin Powell are two examples. They made it from poverty to success and they are viewed by many as sell outs, not real blacks. Such would seem to be the case with Michael Steele, the LT. Governor of Maryland. Steele announced he was running for the Senate Seat being vacated by the retiring Paul Sarbanes. Some jackass named Steve Gilliard at the News Blog took exception to this and altered a picture of Steele showing him in minstrel make-up with a racially stereotypical caption. This is not a new idea, remember the political cartoon of Rice that was a stereotype of a black person?

This jackass has an issue because Steele did not make a fuss when the Governor used an exclusive club for an event. Gilliard, who is black, feels that Steele should have made a commotion about that. I think it is interesting that many state Democrats have used the same club and people like Gilliard have not raised an eyebrow. Additionally, where is the outcry about exclusive black organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus or the United Negro College Fund? Does Gilliard make reference to this? No, instead he makes a picture that would have started WW III if a white guy had done it. He has to show that Steele is a token to the white guy. Steele could never make it on his own and is only successful because he is a token. This is a crock and it is the kind of thinking that has put the black community in turmoil. The black community is so used to its leaders and the Democrats telling them that they can not make it without government help that they have begun to believe it.

Jesse Jackson, the race baiting poverty pimp, is one such leader. He has made it very well in life and the black community would never do to him what Gilliard did to Steele. Why? Because Jackson is liberal and he tells everyone that they must receive subsidized housing, welfare, free prescriptions, and free tuition to make it in the world. If you make it your own you are a Sambo. Perhaps if the black community did not have so many people telling them they can not make it on their own they might actually achieve things without the interference of the government and a Democratic party that only cares about them at election time.

The unfortunate thing is that people will believe this philosophy. About 95% of the black population does not think the Republicans will help them. They have been spoon fed the idea that the government was supposed to help them immediately after Katrina. They have become so dependant on the government that people were not able to take care of themselves. If Gilliard and the rest of the race baiting poverty pimps knew anything about state’s rights and federal response then they would know how wrong they are. But they can’t do that. It would mean blaming the Democrats in charge down there and one of them is black. They should ask why there is no outcry in Mississippi. They, instead, choose to believe the Democrats look out for their interests. And who can blame them. Every election cycle the Democrats make thousands of promises and vow to make things better. Yet, the number of black people in poverty is about the same as it was 30 years ago (though I believe it is due to flawed analysis). Before the Republicans took control of both houses the Democrats had them for about 40 years. They were not able to make good on their promises in 40 years but they keep making them and people keep believing them.

They believe it because their leaders and people like Gilliard tell them they can not make it without living off the government and its many entitlement programs. In addition, Gilliard questioned the manhood of a person who disagreed with him. I would ask, who is more of a man; one who makes it on his own or one who lives paycheck to paycheck in poverty while suckling from the teat of government? And in case you were wondering, yes that was a knock on Gilliard’s manhood.

I could not find the Steele piece at Gilliard’s site but he has another guy in black face and a minstrel show. He is so lost in race baiting that he has no sight of reality.

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