Battle Of New Orleans 2005

I was not going to put this up because it can be seen as tasteless and insensitive. Not that I care about that but I figured that I would hold on to it. Then, I read another reference to hurricane Katrina. Just as the liberal left can not mention Cindy Sheehan without adding that her son was killed in Iraq, they also can not criticize the Bush administration without blaming hurricane Katrina entirely on him (as if he controls nature). Every time Hillary talks she mentions how the Bush Administration messed up the response to Katrina. When Pelosi or the liberals in Hollywood mention Bush they say he messed up the response to Katrina. The AP put out edited video and then apologized for the message it portrayed in order to make Bush look bad on Katrina.

I have said all along that there were problems at all levels but that most of the blame goes to the state and local officials who have gotten a free pass from the donks. I am tired of hearing people call the President a racist or inept because a bunch of entitlement minded people could not get out of New Orleans or refused to leave. I am tired of hearing the President get blamed because Mayor Nagin was too stupid to get the buses and fill them with people. So, here is a little piece of an audio clip with an updated version of the Battle of New Orleans.

Battle of New Orleans

Hope you enjoy this little song.

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