Associated Press Slants Left . . . Again

Big Dog and I have long decried the left-leaning cant of the MSM. Some have commented here and elsewhere that we are inventing, imagining and misinterpreting the phenomenon. Yesterday, FNC’s Brit Hume made the case for us. One must acknowledge wisdom whenever one finds it:

Burying the Lead?

Nearly 79 percent of Iraqis voted to adopt the country’s new constitution, but you might not know it from reading the Associated Press report on the election. The first paragraph notes that Sunnis are already calling the vote “a farce.” In the second paragraph, the AP reports that two more U.S. Marines were killed in Baghdad last week.

The story then speculates that the victory could fuel the insurgency and reports on several more acts of violence across the country since the election. The AP finally points out the constitution’s overwhelming margin of victory in paragraph 27.

The election (which occurred with relatively little violence, I might add) was huge . . . HUGE! It was the political and diplomatic equivalent of a grand slam. While it didn’t win the “game,” it certainly took us quite a bit closer to the successful game’s end. Yet, the MSM has largely ignored the triumph of the Bush administration. No, they’ve been busy following the feeding frenzy of the Miers nomination and the Plame Game. While these issues are important, they should never overshadow the successes in Iraq — the successes for which our fine men and women in arms have fought and, sometimes, died. Equal weight should be afforded . . . in a fair and impartial environment.

Personally, I think the supposed “outing” of a CIA agent that had been openly working at CIA headquarters for more than six years and speculation over a possible Supreme Court justice who hasn’t even stood before committee review to define her philosophies lesser stories. But, that’s just me.

You can read the rest of Hume’s Political Grapevine from yesterday here.

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