Zimmerman Can’t Mind His Own Business

George Zimmerman is back in the news just a few weeks after he was found not guilty of murder. Zimmerman helped rescue four people from an SUV that had overturned after an accident. Zimmerman and another person helped a couple and their two children out of the vehicle before the police arrived.

It is reported that Zimmerman did not see the accident happen.

I guess this guy does not know how to mind his own business and for that, I am sure the people in the SUV are happy. Imagine how they might have ended up if Zimmerman was in jail instead of free or perhaps had been murdered by the racist thugs out for his head.

How long will it be before the left starts squawking about Zimmerman?

Zimmerman was following that truck through the neighborhood…

Zimmerman is a racist because the truck was a truck of color…

Zimmerman caused that accident because he was profiling that truck…

Zimmerman is a wanna-be-cop who was in a high speed pursuit…

How long will it be before Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson demand Zimmerman be arrested for the incident?

We all know that SUV was a good SUV that had never been in any trouble and was only out for Skittles and Iced Tea when George Zimmerman showed up and caused it to wreck.

It would be priceless if the people in that truck were black.

Just sayin’

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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