Your Share Of The Debt Is A Lot Of Money

Despite the fact that the federal government took in a record amount of tax revenue during the first eleven months of the year it still managed to spend more than that and ran a 529 BILLION dollar deficit. That is correct, 529 BILLION more dollars were added to the US debt.

The amount of taxes collected amounts to a little more than 19 Thousand dollars per worker (which is an average since many workers don’t even make that amount of money and nearly half of wage earners don’t pay federal taxes).

The government cannot seem to control itself when it comes to spending money so we continue our death spiral or should I say debt spiral?

Right now the federal debt held by the public is around $107,000 per household. Yes ladies and gentlemen, your household is on the hook for a tenth of a million dollars.

This is because the federal government is way too big and it is out of control. There are politicians who have been in office for decades and they only know how to spend YOUR money. They are not good at budgeting and they have countless unnecessary programs that suck the life out of our economy. Government is so big that it has scores of programs that duplicate what others do and there is little to no oversight.

It is a huge mess. One day the federal government is going to come to collect that money and when it does things will be ugly.

We need to get back to what our Founders envisioned. We need a small federal government that lives within the confines of the Constitution. We need states to be sovereign once agin and clear of federal interference.

I fear it is too late and the once great US is but a generation or two away from extinction.

Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of Syrian refugees here to take over. They are used to living in the stone age…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Your Share Of The Debt Is A Lot Of Money”

  1. Barbara says:

    Very depressing. But I still have faith in God.