Your People Congressman?

Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois spoke at a La Raza (The Race) conference and told people that Obama said he would stop the deportation of “our people.” Gutierrez went on to say that Obama helped by not deporting the so called Dreamers but that now he needs to reunite the Dreamers with their parents. He went on to say that amnesty for 100,000 was not enough and that amnesty needed to be granted to millions of “our undocumented.”

I am confused here. Gutierrez is an elected representative of a district in Illinois. Are not the people of that district “his people”? As far as I know he was not elected to represent the illegal aliens who are coming here in direct violation of our law.

If Gutierrez thinks that the illegals are his people and that the undocumented are his people then he is not fit to serve in Congress. He is certainly unworthy of the position he holds in Illinois because he is not representing the people of his district.

This man is a traitor who advocates for the illegal invasion of our nation and amnesty for the millions who have broken the law. He should be taken into custody immediately and tried for treason. Anyone who invades a country is an enemy of that country and Gutierrez is aiding and abetting the enemy. He is in violation of the law and of his oath to the Constitution.

When the SHTF Congressman people will remember who you said were your people and treat you accordingly.

If these are truly your people then you need to lead them back across the border and stay there with them.

You are worthless and a coward. Nothing but a little puto.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Your People Congressman?”

  1. Blake says:

    That man is a communist- The plain facts are that in March of 1983, the Mexico City Daily paper El Excelsior, explained in an editorial that the Mexican plan to re-take the Southwest U.S. was to flood it with migrants, get them citizenship, then have representatives like Louie take up their cause.