You Might Just Be a Moonbat

This started as you might just be a liberal but moonbat (moonbatus barkingus) more accurately describes the species of person who wear tin foil hats and drinks Howard Dean’s special blend of Kool-Aid. So, here is the new and improved version:

  • If you sat idly by while Bill Clinton fired 93 prosecutors for purely political reasons but now insist that George Bush fire his Attorney General for firing 8 prosecutors for substandard performance, you might just be a moonbat.
  • If you believe that Hillary Clinton is right when she says there is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy because a few Republicans were convicted for messing with elections but never mention the huge number of Democrats who have been involved in or convicted of the same, you might just be a moonbat.
  • If you demand impeachment because the War on Terror in Iraq, though authorized by Congress, is illegal and that the US needed UN approval for the action but have no problem with Bill Clinton bombing an aspirin factory without the approval of the UN or the Congress, you might just be a moonbat.
  • If you believe that we need universal health care run by the government and think it would be run beautifully but then criticize the military health care system for its woes and inefficiency, you might just be a moonbat.
  • If you believe that General Pace’s opinions about homosexuals should be kept to himself but believe that Representative Warner should be applauded for his opinions on homosexuality, you might just be a moonbat.
  • If you believe that George Bush’s swagger and Texas demeanor are phony but that Hillary Clinton using a bad Southern accent is genuine, you might just be a moonbat.
  • If you think starting a fight with with those who disagree with your anti war protest makes perfectly good sense, you might just be a moonbat.
  • If you think that using the word faggot in reference to John Edwards is punishable by death but that comparing Bush to Hitler is perfectly OK, you might just be a moonbat.

Feel free to add any that you come up with…

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2 Responses to “You Might Just Be a Moonbat”

  1. Robert says:

    If you believe that liberals going into rehab is an acceptable form of an apology but it is ducking the underlying problem when conservatives do it, You are a moonbat.

    If you think Haliberton’s greed is the reason for the Iraq war but now that Sorros has a controlling share you are quiet. you might be a moonbat.

    If you use the word Racist every time you are getting your ass kicked while debating issues with Conservatives… You might be a moonbat.

  2. TexasFred says:

    If you think the Dems are going to be the answer to our prayers and are going to make the USA a better place to live, you might be a moonbat…

    If you think Rudy Giuliani is a Conservative, you might be a moonbat…