You May Only Burn American Flags

If you burn an American Flag in the United States you are protected by the First Amendment. The Supreme Court of the United States has determined that burning a Flag is a form of speech and that you can burn an American Flag any time you want. Just don’t hurt anybody and you can have all the fun you want. The American Legion and other service organizations have been trying for years to get a Flag protection amendment passed but often run into road blocks from members of Congress. If you try to stop some jackass who is burning an American Flag you could end up in jail and the ACLU would be all over the case.

Let a LEGAL American citizen burn the flag of Mexico and he ends up getting arrested. Roy Warden was at one of the ILLEGAL Immigration protests and he burned a Mexican flag. He was arrested for burning that flag. The police say it was for damage to the property where the flag was burned and for assaulting members of a media crew. Those are the BS charges used to arrest this guy and placate the ILLEGALS. How else can anyone explain that Warden was arrested a day after the incident? If he was breaking the law on Monday why did they not arrest him then? Perhaps it was because he was guilty of no crime but the cops decided to make an arrest to give the protesters a feel good moment.

Source: AZStarnet

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2 Responses to “You May Only Burn American Flags”

  1. Robert says:

    Funny thing about that huh? Morons can burn America’s flag anytime anywhere its called freedom of speech, Burn another countries flag get arrested. I’m going to the swap meet on Saturday, Going to find me as many Mexican or Iranian flags as I can and have me a bon fire!

  2. Big Dog says:

    Takes pictures and post them!