You Know They Are Afraid of You When…

Fred Thompson has not officially entered the Presidential race, though it is odds on that he will, and he has been the focus of attack ever since he decided to “test the water.” Thompson is probably going to announce that he is running for the White House sometime this week (I would bet Independence Day) and there are many in the Democratic Party who are not happy.

Fred has been attacked for weeks now though most of those attacks are minimal and mean little, the opposition has not stopped digging, just trying to find some little bit of evidence, some dirt, that will bury him. I think Thompson is bright enough to have those bases covered and though he has his issues to deal with, none can be so bad as those that the front running Democrats will have to eventually face. The Democrats, for their part, will try to paint Thompson as a bad guy because he worked as a lobbyist or because his connections helped his sons, who are lobbyists.

Of course, those front runners will make these claims as clients of lobbyists send thousands of dollars to them as campaign donations. They will make these claims while Obama still tries to find answers to his land deal (another Harry Reid?), a question that has been ignored by the Democratic Party.

You know that they are scared when they attack you and you are not even in the race (yet). They must really be afraid of Fred. Seems they might suffer bed wetting episodes in the near future…

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “You Know They Are Afraid of You When…”

  1. Robert says:

    I really hope you’re right BD, I see a big problem with the lobbyist issue, While I like what I hear him say actions speak brother. GW said the right things in 00 and 04, but look what we’ve had recently….And I know that one issue doesn’t make or break a president, unless that issue is national security. by NOT repelling the invasion he has put a bad light on the Rep party, and this alone might have ramifications as to who our next pres is. the R is now a cuss word for many.

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  3. buckeyefan says:

    Have you all bothered to check his voting record on Immigration — he is in big business hip pocket. His comments about Cubans were over the top. He mumbles, has trouble staying on his script not to mention he never really says much in person. He writes but is that a ghost writer or him. He is supported by Mary Matlin, Karl Rove, Rove’s protege who has been hired by Thompson, Bill Frist, the two Bakers, Dick Cheney’s daughter and all of you that want to get away from the Bush connection, are lining right up to support another Bush clone. Did I mention that George P. Bush is on his team.

    Some of you people are looking for someone as a savior and you are swallowing the WH koolaid. Thompson is no Ronald Reagan who served two terms as Governor of CA. Thompson has 8 years in the Senate, co-sponsor of CFR, was steamrolled by Sen Glenn on Chinagate, and has an otherwise non illustrious senate career. He died retire to return to acting because he was bored. Just the person you want running for President — NOT!

    How many candidates leave events without shaking hands — Fred does!

  4. Robert says:

    To the Buckeye fan, I hear ya… I also know that our choices are limited, if Fred runs he’s going to get my vote, unless the party chooses Tancredo.
    I don’t see a Dem on the ticket that would be an improvement over what we have now. I also don’t think McCain or Rudy or for that matter Romney would be better than Bush, I hear Fred say a lot of things I like. I can overlook somethings like junior voting records, as well as CFR support until I hear Reason or PROOF of his actions, I’m sticking with him… Bush did a FINE job the first 4 years with the exception of Iraq (Pussyfooting around), A big issue, but he is sticking to his guns and that is admirable.

    Fred has a chance to make a change, the career politicians have got to be REMOVED, Fred walked away and for that I respect him….