You Have It Wrong Howie

Howie Dean is still blaming President Bush for the deaths associated with Katrina. He, of course, fails to place blame where it belongs because that would not fit his political agenda. Here is what that dim wit said:

“The Bush administration just went back to turning [FEMA] into a dumping ground for people who evidently didn’t have anything else to do,” Dean told the Fox News Channel’s Alan Colmes on Tuesday.

Howie, you have it all wrong. There is a place where they put people who don’t have anything else to do. They call it the DNC.

Alan Colmes reminded Dean that Bush took responsibility for any government shortcomings and Dean said:

“But there’s a lot of people dead and there’s a lot of people without their homes. Those people needed help on time. They didn’t need help and somebody to take responsibility two weeks after the fact.”

Now ask yourself what sense this makes, and keep in mind Blanco just accepted responsibility but he does not mention her. There are a lot of people dead. Yes, but a far cry from the 10-25 thousand they expected. Not that this lessens the tragedy, but it makes a point. In addition, these are people who either refused to evacuate or Nagin did not evacuate. In any event, nothing Bush could have done would have saved them and if it could it is moot because the help was refused (by Blanco). Additionally, absolutely nothing would have saved those houses. Bush could have sent the entire US Military in there prior to the storm and the houses would still be destroyed. By making the statement, Dean shows that he has no idea what is happening and that he allows his partisan politics and dislike for Bush to cloud any objectivity he might have had.

Howard Dean’s remarks can be added to the very stupid statements that have been made with regard to this disaster. He and Farrakhan should share recipes for whatever crystal meth they are cooking up.

Read it here.

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