You Go Barack-Ward

A Democrat at the Democrat convention had the typical Uncle Sam hat with buttons on it and one of those buttons was quite interesting. Evidently one can purchase buttons that read; “Once you vote black you never go back. Obama 2012”.

I imagine that this is not viewed as racist by the left but I find it to be so. The implication is that one needs to vote for Obama because he is black. The button does not tell us that Obama did some kind of wonderful job so he should get our votes. No, the button tells us to vote for Obama because he is black and when we vote for a black once we will never do anything other than that. Why is it that Democrats always point out what people look like?

I have some ideas for more accurate and non racist buttons for the Democrats. Some of the buttons might have to be bigger but they make plenty of sizes.

How about:

  • Once you vote for welfare you will never get a job.
  • Once you vote Democrat you will never be free.
  • Once you vote Democrat go vote again (and again).
  • Unless you vote Barack you will be black and blue [Sponsored by SEIU].
  • Once you vote Barack you will never have recovery.
  • Once you smoke crack you will vote for Barack.

I believe that in keeping with the Democrat platform of murdering babies on demand the proper campaign button would be:

Abort Obama

We can do that in November.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “You Go Barack-Ward”

  1. Macker says:

    Well…. one could make the argument to instead perform an abortion on Обама!

  2. Blake says:

    Macker, are you thinking retro-active? I admit, that would ease some people’s minds, but as Richard Milhous Nixon once famously said, “But that would be wrong.” It would send the wrong message. But an Election-night beatdown? Ahh, sweet dreams-