You Don’t Hear Bill Clinton Complaining About This

Ever since George Bush cut taxes the left has called it a tax cut for the rich, despite the fact that everyone who PAYS taxes got a refund. The big complaints came from people who pay NO taxes. They wanted to know where their refund was and when they found out you actually have to pay taxes to get money back, they threw a fit and said it was not fair. The Democrats joined in marching in lock-step to tell America that George Bush’s tax cuts were for the rich. Former President Bill Clinton was all over the air waves telling us how bad an idea it was. He said, I don’t need a tax cut, I’m wealthy. The poor folks need that help more. Of course, the implication was that George Bush cut taxes and it only helped his rich buddies and other rich people like Bill Clinton. It is a bunch of hogwash and all the Democrats are aware but. like CBS, they do not let the facts, or lack of them, get in their way.

The interesting thing is that if Bill Clinton were really opposed to this tax cut for the rich, he would be against all tax cuts for the rich. The federal tax cut had no income cut off and a person only had to pay a certain amount in taxes to get a refund. A new state law in New York that takes effect in less than an hour from this post will cut taxes for people who make more than $150,000. Read that again, it is a tax cut for people who make MORE than that amount, or by Clinton’s (and Kerry’s from the last election) definition of rich, this means that only rich people in New York are getting a tax cut.

Taxes drew lawmakers’ attention, too. Oklahoma cut taxes for nearly everyone, and New York cut them for those making more than $150,000 a year. Florida cut taxes on stocks and bonds. Nevada gave a tax break to property owners, while West Virginia lowered its tax on food from six cents per dollar to five cents.Yahoo News

Now this was voted on and signed some time this year and will take effect on 1 January 2006. Has anyone heard Bill Clinton running around saying that he did not need a tax cut because he is rich and this is aimed at guys like him? Did he tell us that this plan is wrong and should be designed to help the poor folks in New York? Has any elected official come out and told us that New York has a tax cut that only benefits the rich? No! None of them have said a word. It is obvious that they are skirting the truth when it comes to the Bush tax cuts and they are lying about it only helping the rich. It is also obvious that their so called concern for the poor is all a ploy aimed at Bush to damage him. This is very obvious because they have not said a word about a tax cut that is SPECIFICALLY targeted to the rich.

They are hypocrites and they are well aware that the Bush tax cuts have helped all Americans who pay taxes, have helped all Americans in general by stimulating the economy (despite what the left tells you about it, it is in good shape) and have not reduced revenue to the government. I want you all to think about this the next time some jackass liberal tells you the Bush tax cuts only helped the rich and the Democrats fight for the little guy. You ask them where they were when New York cut taxes only for the rich and see what they have to say.

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