You Can Take the Muslim out of the Middle East but…

Muslims living in America, you will notice I did not say American Muslims, are busy fighting against each other. Sunnis and Shiites are carrying on as if they were still living in the sand in Iraq. The Shiites are very happy that Hussein was executed and the Sunnis cried about it and now that tension is leading to violence between the two groups. This is a problem because we allowed these people to come to our country and they need to live in it according to our rules, not those animalistic fourth century primal rules they have encoded into their primitive DNA. I mentioned that I do not consider them American Muslims and here is why:

The Shiites were very happy that they killed Saddam (Hussein), but the Sunnis were in tears,’ Aqeel Al-Tamimi, a Shiite Iraqi immigrant in Dearborn, told The New York Times. ‘These people look at us like we sold our country to America. M&C News

Notice what this sand flea said. They look at us like we sold our country to America. This little waste of human flesh is in my country and makes a statement like that. If it is your country then why don’t you go back to it? He did not say sold out he said sold it to America as if he were not part of America. The fact he referred to Iraq as our country shows me he does not consider himself to be an American so we need to send this little towel head back to the cat box he came from. We need to send them all back.

I know that we do not need the Shiites and Sunnis having wars and committing acts of violence against each other in our streets. If they want to act like the savages they are then they need to go back to that backwards country they came from and have at it. If we are lucky they will kill each other off and we will not have to worry about them. These are Keith Ellison’s people in Michigan. We are a representative government so the people are just a mirror of the Muzzie that represents them.

Like I said, you can take the Muslim out of the Middle East but you can not take the Middle East out of the Muslim.

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