You Better Think Like Me

John Mackey, the CEO of that liberal bastion of gorp and grain, Whole Foods Market, has dared express his opinion of the Hussein Healthscare option, and lo and behold, he is not in lockstep with the rest of his zombie brethren.

That has the ultra- liberals grabbing pitchforks and torches to pursue this heretic into the swamp. They need to capture him to feed the Axlerod and the Emanuel, both carnivores who are not too picky who they chew on.

An organic CEO should taste just fine.

The grocery store Whole Foods is facing a boycott organized by liberal activists because the CEO opposes President Obama’s health care reform proposals. The company’s chief executive,John Mackey, wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed on health care that has roiled the liberal blogosphere and prompted calls for a boycott.

“While we clearly need health-care reform, the last thing our country needs is a massive new health-care entitlement that will create hundreds of billions of dollars of new unfunded deficits and move us much closer to a government takeover of our health-care system,” Mackey wrote in the WSJ.

Wow- a liberal who gets it- this should be ground-breaking– perhaps some other liberals might listen. No? Actually, even for expressing his private opinion, Mr. Mackey is facing a boycott of his store- as if this action doesn’t hurt the other people who work there more. After all, if Whole Foods suffers a loss, do you really think that he will fire himself? Or perhaps just lay off someone who really needs the paycheck. I mean, who do you think you are hurting here?

After all, the man is expressing his private opinion, but in the Land of Hussein, you must have group- think or die.

“Instead, we should be trying to achieve reforms by moving in the opposite direction — toward less government control and more individual empowerment.” 

The boycott leaders are organizing via the Huffington Post. To me, it’s pretty basic: Mackey is working to oppose things I believe in, so I should stop giving him money,” wrote Ben Wyskida, who also works for the liberal magazine, The NationIn a column titled “Why I’m Done with Whole Foods,” he said: “Mackey has confirmed for me that my money is going to support deregulation of the insurance industry, lies about the current health care proposal, and a crusade to lecture people who can’t access or can’t afford healthy food. I’m just not going to go there.”

Yep, all the liberal bloggers are going to go without their granola for a week, just to make a point to Mr. Mackey that they are mad that he could have a reality-based opinion derived from real- world experiences of running a company, not just blogging from his parent’s basement with posters of Che taped to the dank walls. Just as an aside to all the self-righteous libs who “eat organic” (sorry, John- truth must be told)- regular produce is just as healthy, and cheaper too.

Here’s what I do not understand about liberals- I might not agree with 99% of Mr.Mackey’s ideology, indeed I might feel differently about his approach to healthcare, although I do agree that people’s personal lifestyle choices have a lot to do with their health outcomes, but the way I see it, that’s life and that’s a part of freedom in these United States- you can make those bad choices if you so wish- at least for now.

But apparently, if you are liberal, you had better not express any opinion different from the rest of the pack.

Or they will tear you to pieces- there’s an Axlerod that needs feeding, and it’s not picky about what it eats.


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19 Responses to “You Better Think Like Me”

  1. victoria says:

    I thought it was only us conservatives who don’t get to voice our opinions. Interesting…..

  2. victoria says:

    You know we keep trying to tell these idiots what is coming and it will happen to them as well but they apparently don’t care.

  3. victoria says:

    This came from Howard Dean on Joe Scarborough–For now, 60 votes in the Senate are necessary to avoid a filibuster, and the public option is making that threshold harder to reach. If the bill were passed without the public option, it could be added back during reconciliation, at which point only 50 votes would be necessary for passage.

  4. Randy says:

    Clearly Blake, one of your problems is that you (and you are far from the only one) have come up with a template in which everyone you label “liberal” fits.

    • Blake says:

      How so Randy? John Mackey, from everything I have read of him, fits the general mold- I will grant that his healthcare models and viewpoints differ, but you see how the liberals ( and yes- it IS the left that is busy eviscerating him)- eat their own if not in lockstep, so where am I going wrong here?
      Or do you just not care for my analysis?

    • Randy says:

      How so? You have used the words “latte sipping” and “limp wristed” to describe liberals. By generally applying labels like that you fail to recognize the reality of the people of who you are speaking. Most the folks I spend time with haven’t voted along party lines EVER. When I walk out my front door and interact with the actual people that I interact with on a day to day basis, they are very different than the cookie cutter image of a “liberal” that you present. The people that I personally know that you would like to think of as skinny homosexuals that drink fancy caffeinated drinks include a couple of ex-Marines, a retired NYPD officer, quite a few construction workers, a paramedic, and some still active military and police personnel. Actually, a couple of police that I know as friends are homosexual, and would probably be capable of scaring you into wetting your pants, but wouldn’t because they don’t carry around that macho chip on their shoulders that most folks that like to talk tough do carry. Of course, I am leaving out many of the wide spectrum of folks that I know that support things like health care reform and environmental causes, I just wanted to give you some examples of people that fit far outside the “general mold” of liberalism that you seem to think exists. In fact, I am still a registered Republican. I voted for Bob Dole once and George W. Bush once. I have not voted for a Republican POTUS since. I may in the future, if the candidate and political climate seem fit IMO. Does that make me a “liberal”, or a “blue dog”, or a “RINO”? Speaking of which, how can you post something of the nature of which you posted while at the same time labeling conservatives RINO’s (which you apply as a derogatory acronym) when they don’t share your ideology 100%?

      • Blake says:

        Moderates should leave their designation as such without tagging Republican on the end- a Republican should be a conservative, period- a Constitutionalist, not an equivocator, one with mushy morals.
        Sometimes it really is a black or white issue, and not something to be parsed to death.
        The point of the post, which you seem to have “missed”, is that if liberals are not monolithically linked in ideology, they will be eviscerated by their own, much as a wounded piranha is torn to pieces by his brethren.
        That is the part of my post you do not seem to dispute here- instead picking my descriptives- fair enough if you do not wish to address the gist of the article, but rather disingenuous, don’t you think?
        As to RINO, OR CINO (conservative in name only), once again, they are equivocating, trying to be all things to all people, and you cannot do that and stay true to your core values- you can respect other’s opinions, even while vehemently disagreeing with them- just don’t accept their point as valid if you truly do not think it is- that way lies hypocrisy.

        • Randy says:

          Ok, let’s play the labeling game for a moment. It’s ok for a conservative to label and shun a mostly like minded soul if they disagree with a fundamental issue, let’s say the stimulus package, and call them a RINO. It’s not ok for a liberal to shun a mostly like minded soul if they disagree with a fundamental issue, say affordable health care. It’s important to recognize that this isn’t a liberal or conservative issue, it’s an issue of agreeing or disagreeing with the proposed health care reforms. It isn’t disagreeing just a little bit. It’s disagreeing a whole lot.

          • Big Dog says:

            I agree Randy. I know that there needs to be improvement and have written quite a bit about it. The system does not need to be completely overhauled to accommodate a few (in statistical terms). I am certainly opposed to government run care as they have shown the inability to do so with regard to Medicare and the VA and many other programs.

        • Blake says:

          No- once again you miss the point here. I was pointing out the hypocrisy in the liberal POV, which is, they are all for freedom of speech except when that speech differs from the group- think. Conservatives have differences of opinion, sure, but we don’t go around saying you do not have the right to say it nor do we boycott- we just naturally do not buy from Whole foods- it’s waaaaay too expensive.
          You wold have thought that liberals might have said, “Now wait a minute, here is a guy who is like us, but he has a different POV- perhaps we should examine his position BEFORE we castrate his company (which, as I have pointed out before, only hurts his workers, not a good LIBERAL thing to do).

          • Big Dog says:

            I would not say we do not boycott. I think it is more accurate to say we are not as good at it. I have personally boycotted companies and encouraged others to do so. It had nothing to do with their people saying something I do not like. For instance, I will not buy another vehicle from a company that took bailout money and have encouraged others to do the same. That is based on principle and not their political position.

        • Randy says:

          Conservatives don’t boycott?

        • Blake says:

          Regarding the healthcare gambit, the way Hussein wants to do this is dishonest, at best, and a naked power grab at worst- our healthcare is fine, with some tweaking, but to gut the whole system is not right, and costs too much. You can go see the CBO’s estimates, or just take it on faith, using the EXTRA 2 trillion dollars that Hussein has added to the deficit, and ask yourself, Remember when he said he would cut the deficit in half before the end of his first term?
          Now that I want to see before we take on any new debt, and that includes the healthcare or Cap and Tax.

      • Randy says:

        No, I get your point. Liberals are a limp-wristed pack of wolves that eat their own if they don’t follow in lock step with the pack. It’s a very simplistic point. Overly simplistic even, which is my point, which you seem to have missed. If you insist though, you can keep your overly simplistic world view. It’s your right, and your loss.

        • Blake says:

          Randy, it is not overly simplistic when it is the “liberals” who are boycotting his stores- do you think conservatives are doing this over his POV? I sincerely doubt it, and, truth be told, so do you. That wouldn’t compute- so my POV as described above is just the truth. Kinda hurts, doesn’t it?
          Now, I have friends that are liberal- I have friends that are gay- that doesn’t matter to us, we have lively debates where they call me a knuckle dragger, and I point out their foibles-everything’s fair here, and I do learn from them, but I still have my core values, and they are not going to change.
          That is what makes our country great, when one side or the other sees danger we all tell just as loudly. Liberals did not like Bush, well Ok then- now it’s our turn to yell, and we won’t stop until Hussein is stopped.
          I’d say we’re doing alright so far, but there’s no quit in us, so just know that.

        • Randy says:

          I remember self proclaimed conservatives boycotting retail stores that used “Happy Holidays” in their advertising instead of “Christmas”. I remember a self labeled Christian conservative group boycotting Ford until they removed advertising from gay friendly publications. This, and many other boycotts occurred in the past ten years. I don’t understand why these aren’t examples of self proclaimed conservatives boycotting companies not only due to their respective POV, but in their simple attempt to fully utilize the free market.

        • Blake says:

          You are correct Randy- it is just rare when we do- we generally like people to voice their opinions, but you are correct in those two instances, although I have to admit I was not behind th e Ford one- I have always been tolerant about gays- it really did hot matter to me.
          The “happy Holidays” thing was a bit more complex, as the store (Target) had specifically told their employees they were NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to use Merry Christmas because of the christian connotations, which I thought was petty, and deserved no business of mine.
          That was, however, my personal choice- I was not part of a group.

  5. Liberty Card says:

    I just wish there was a Whole Foods store around here where I could go shopping.

    • Blake says:

      Actually, while there are a few nice things there, it IS a bit overpriced, especially since the FDA study showing no better results with “organic” foods- just try to stay away from any ingredient you can’t pronounce. Tongue twister words usually mean chemical things- best to avoid those where possible.
      Now, HEB is a Texas based store that has some really kick a$$ produce grown in Texas- I do not know if they are in other states.