Yes Virginia, There Is A Grinch

The State of Virginia decided to elect ultra liberal Terry McAuliffe as its governor and the blame for this can be placed on the liberals up north in the state. These are the people who moved from DC and Maryland to escape the ruin of liberals only to fight for the things they left behind (and thus bringing ruin to their new digs).

McCauliffe is beholden to the anti gun crowd and Michael Bloomberg because of the money that poured in to get him elected. So now Terry is working to restrict gun owners.

Terry wants to reinstate the one handgun a month purchase limit that previously existed though there is no data to show that such a measure would provide any enhancement to public safety. There has not been a gun problem since the limit was removed. The only thing that happened is that Virginians had more freedom.

Terry also wants to have vendors at private gun shows run background checks and for the state to revoke the concealed carry permit of any parent who is delinquent in child support payments (which is not a violent crime by the way).

Fortunately, Virginia has a Republican controlled legislature so these measures will likely die a well deserved death.

But Terry has to try because he is in bed with the anti gun crowd.

Maybe the Virginia Legislature can remove funding for the armed guards who protect McAullife.

If he hates guns so much he certainly should not be forced to have armed guards walking all around him.

Remember, liberals are not anti their guns they are anti your guns. The elitists want their guns and armed guards so they have a fighting chance when the products of their liberal philosophies attack.

They want you, on the other hand, to be defenseless. That is another way for them to force people to depend on government.

And they know it will keep you from having the means to fight their tyranny.

Fight back Virginia. Don’t let this liberal puke take your rights away.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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