Yankee Fans: Time to Get Even!

Well Yankee fans, your beloved Yankees lost to the Boston Red Sox who mounted a miraculous come back to win in seven games. The Red Sox beat you. They made you look bad. They took away the prize when you were up 3-0. They are asking Who’s your daddy? Yankee fans you were beaten like an old nag horse. They are laughing in Boston. They are asking what happened to the once mighty Yankees. They are questioning the ability of a team who lost after being up. How much worse can it get?

Well, how about this? John Kerry said today that he was giddy about the Red Sox win. He is happy that you were beaten so badly. He is glad the Sox won. He pretends to be your friend but he laughs at you. He makes a mockery of your pain.

How can you get even? How can you show him you are not happy with him? All Yankee fans, especially those who live in New York, should show their displeasure by voting against John Kerry on November 2nd. Go to the polls and remember how he acted when the Sox won. Remember how he took great pleasure in your pain. Vote for any other candidate than John Kerry. I do not expect you all to vote for Bush, though I would like that. There are other options but do not vote for Kerry. Think of the revenge. Think of how you feel now and make him feel the same way on election day.

Make Kerry feel the same pain you feel right now.

Make John Kerry a loser for basking in the glory of your pain.

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