Yaliban Student Has People Seeing Red, School Nailed

Yale University is another beacon of liberalism that believes in diversity, so long as that diversity does not involve including people with whom they disagree. This University refuses to allow ROTC on campus and was part of the group of universities that wanted to deny military recruiters on campus. They claimed to have principles that conflicted with the military’s ban on openly gay recruits. They had principle but it was not worth the millions of dollars in government money they would be denied if they refused to allow access. The SCOTUS made the point moot when they ruled 8-0 that if the university wanted the money they had to allow the recruiters. Yale does have standards, like allowing an enemy of America to attend the school.

Former top Taliban official, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, was accepted at Yale despite the fact that he went to school up to the fourth grade and has a high school equivalency degree. There are, as I see it, two problems. The first is that some block head in the State Department granted this guy a student visa. The second is that Yale accepted him as a student. When the school allowed the Yaliban in, they received a backlash of criticism. Two people have organized and are encouraging people to send red press on nails instead of money to the school. This is a reference to the fact that the Taliban pulled the finger nails out of any woman who had nail polish on.

This Yaliban is a member of the enemy of this country. We are still fighting pockets of Taliban in Afghanistan. This past weekend the Taliban blew up an American vehicle killing four soldiers. The guys who died would not be allowed to be in the ROTC at Yale (because they do not have an ROTC) but the guys who blew up the vehicle would be welcomed into the Yaliban community with open arms.

Yale is tolerant. A professor there looked into the financial records of the people who started the nail Yale campaign and sent them an anonymous (coward) email calling them retards and saying that he knows they have never donated to the college. Seems to me that as much as you pay to go to school there you would have given enough. In any event, the email was traced back to the coward and he has been suspended. If he goes out and kills a few soldiers he will be reinstated.

It is amazing to me that these Taliban called us Satan (like a lot of the Arab world) and that they helped Al Qaeda attack us and even rejoiced in the carnage yet we allow them here. This guy spent how many years killing women for some silly thing, stoning men to death, killing families, and criticizing us for our unholy way of life. Now, he comes to the land of Satan for an education. If his world was so great why could he not get an education there? Why did he only have a fourth grade education? How did he get accepted at Yale over thousands of Americans with better educations?

Yale could have done better by allowing the child of a service member killed in the war to attend. They could have allowed an Afghani child who fought against the Taliban in. There are many. many much more deserving people out there who would have been a better choice and who are not our enemy. All these folks were not chosen because reportedly, Harvard got some other low life and Yale needed to keep pace. Now they have the Yaliban and they have a lot of unhappy alumni. I hear they are getting quite a few red nails.

They need to find the idiot in the State Department that let the terrorist in and fire that person. Then, the SD needs to revoke his visa and send him home. Finally, people need to give their money to an organization other than Yale.

Source: John Fund at Opinion Journal

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