What Would Martin Luther King Like?

Barack Obama gave an interview to a couple of radio hosts and in the interview he said that MLK would have liked Obamacare. It is a prelude to what he will be saying in an upcoming speech. He will try to convince the mind numbed drones that follow him that MLK would have liked Obamacare.

Here is what Obama said:

“Oh he’d like that,” [MLK would like Obamacare] Obama asserted. “Well, because he understood that health care, health security is not a privilege, it’s something in a county as wealthy as ours, everybody should have access to.”

Obama reminded the pair [radio hosts] that it was important for everyone to sign up for Obamacare on healthcare.gov.

“We were just talking with some folks earlier about the fact that, for a lot of people, it will be cheaper than your cell phone bill,” Obama explained. Washington Examiner

First of all, how would Obama know what MLK would like? Obama was a small child when MLK was murdered. I do not recall King calling for universal government run health care but I do recall he was a fan of people being free. He had fairly conservative values and it seems unlikely he would have approved of anything that would have made anyone, particularly blacks, more dependent on government.

It seems to me that King would not have fought for civil rights and equality of all only to have the blacks put back into bondage as slaves on the Democrat plantation.

Obama claims that King would recognize that everyone should have access to health care. Health care is not a right and it is not a privilege, it is a commodity. And everyone has ACCESS to it. The fight that is involved is who will pay for it. You see, anyone can go to a doctor. The fight comes in when it is time to pay the bill. The people who think like Obama believe that it should be paid for by someone else.

Obama was sure to remind people that they should sign up to become more dependent on government, something King would likely not approve of.

Obama then claimed it would be cheaper, for some folks, than their cell phone bill.

In what world is Obama living? I imagine there are some folks who have really high cell phone bills so Obamacare might be cheaper. I imagine if these folks fall into the category where taxpayers subsidize their health care (there we go again, determining that someone else pays the bill) then it might cost less than their cell bill. How could health care possibly cost less than the cell phone bill of the leeches who are using one or more Obamaphones?

But let me make this clear, if you have a cell phone bill that is about the same cost or more than health insurance you can get rid of the phone and pay for your own insurance. The reality is Obama wants everyone dependent on government. He wants the takers to increase in numbers.

Once people depend on government to live they will continue to fight for politicians who promise them more and more and who promise not to take away their goodies.

Look how the elderly are used as pawns. Many become dependent on Social Security and that is used as a weapon to get their votes. They vote in their best interests and not the best interests of the country.

Obama wants more people on the dole so they will keep voting for the Marxists in the Democrat Party. The transformation can’t take place without the hangers on who refuse to live their own lives or take responsibility. As long as Obama and his thieves can get people signed up they can be controlled.

There is no difference between liberals and a drug dealer. They both get you hooked and then exploit you.

One last thing, Obama claims that in a wealthy country like ours everyone should have access to health care. I have already pointed out that everyone has access and that the dispute is who pays.

But let’s look at the country as wealthy as ours myth. We are over 16 TRILLION dollars in debt and have over 100 TRILLION dollars of unfunded liabilities. We are not wealthy.

We can’t even pay our own bills.

Obama will never be able to see this. He has lived his life having everything handed to him and he is in a job where he does what he wants and others foot the bill. He thinks there is no end to the money.

And he is wrong.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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