Writer Suspended For Death Threat

Charles at Little Green Footballs has a very detailed account about a threat that was made to him via email through his contact form. He was able to track the IP back and it turns out it was from Reuters. It looks like a writer, Inayat Bunglawala, (who looks like an Arabic Pee Wee Herman, “Will you please be quiet, I’m trying to start a jihad, heh, heh.”) might have crossed the line, if he is indeed the perp, when he wrote

I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut….

Pee Wee Inayat denies that he sent an email or posted to LGF (which is not a lie if he sent it via the contact form) but it looks like an employee, most likely him, has been suspended because of this incident.

Pee Wee appears to be a seedy little guy with a sordid past. He has had praise for Osama bin Laden, calling him a freedon fighter and from all accounts it appears as if he is a supporter of the terrorists. Funny thing is, this all started after his (Pee Wee’s) review of the Da Vinci Code. I believe he was trying to tell everyone that Jesus was just another prophet and that the Muslims were right all along. That is what I get after cutting through the crap. Anyway, he ends by talking about the story bringing the two religions closer and about tolerance. This tolerant jackass commented at his blog and called LGF anti Arab and anti Muslim.

Pee Wee has a history of being anti Semitic. He even blamed the threat on the “Zionists.” I guess I have to defend Pee Wee a bit. In a religion where people riot over cartoons and cut people’s heads off for nothing, I guess just making a death threat is tolerant. I mean, when you compare the two….

You can read the chronology of events at LGF. There is a link to the article by Pee Wee, who if all goes well, should be in FBI custody in no time.

Just looking at this guy you can tell he could not even cut an invalid’s throat. He does not look like he has enough testosterone to pick himself up off the floor much less cut someone’s throat. This is more likely a little nerdy terrorist wannabe who thought he would be anonymous so he made big threats. I am willing to bet he would not have made that threat face to face. Hell, all you have to do is slap him and he will run away…..

Michelle Malkin

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