Wright Flock Loses Black Sheep Obama

For quite some time now Barack Hussein Obama has been taking heat because he attended a church with a racist pastor who hates white people and has a huge chip on his shoulder. Obama had hoped that the furor over Pastor Wright’s remarks had passed and that his [Obama’s] speech about race had sealed the deal. Unfortunately, the man Obama described as an uncle more closely resembles the black sheep (pun intended) of the family. I believe that the Obama’s hold many of Wright’s views but don’t want to be associated with them so that he can be elected and Michelle can go on being proud for the first time in her life.

Wright was making the rounds this past week and he ended up at the National Press Club on what turns out to be the invite of a Hillary Clinton supporter. Barbara Reynolds helped get Wright as a speaker. Whether she did it to throw more fuel on the fire and help Clinton or did it to hear what he has to say is a matter of speculation. Regardless of the motive, he did not disappoint people and his anti-American hate filled speech is probably giving Obama more gray hair by the minute.

Obama, who has tried to distance himself from Wright, completely denounced his spiritual mentor and said he was outraged by statements Wright made. Wright told audiences that the attacks were not on him but on the black church as a whole and that the US government created AIDS to get rid of black people. Wright likens this to the Tuskegee experiments early in the last century:

Wright criticized the U.S. government as imperialist and stood by his suggestion that the United States invented the HIV virus as a means of genocide against minorities. “Based on this Tuskegee experiment and based on what has happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything,” he said. Breitbart

Just for historical purposes, the experiments dealt with syphilis, a venereal disease. In the 1930s syphilis killed a lot of people and the medication they gave to treat it was often worse than the disease. The medications killed people or made them very sick and often did not cure the infection. A group of people decided to follow black men with the disease (they had it already, the government did not infect them) and see how it progressed. This was a time when there was no real informed consent and the “participants” (uneducated black men) in the study were not informed why they were being observed. Many patients were often not told the truth about conditions at that time in our history.

Syphilis was not brought under control until the invention of penicillin in the 1940s. However, many people in the Tuskegee study were not given penicillin and remained under observation to see how the disease affected them. There is no getting around the fact that these people were used and were the victims of what we would now consider unscrupulous medical practices though at the time they were not seen as such. The fact that they were not given penicillin when it was discovered is a terrible case of malpractice. However, there is no way to equate this to the AIDS virus (which came from a simian virus). Wright is spouting off conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact.

Before I get off this tangent it is important to note one thing. Wright blames the government for HIV and says that this is a way [for whites] to get rid of blacks. Then he brings up the Tuskegee study as if a bunch of white guys went around infecting blacks with syphilis. Two of the people involved in the Tuskegee study were black. There was a black nurse and a black doctor who studied the men who had become (on their own) infected with syphilis. It does not make it right, it only dispels this idea that white guys are trying to kill off blacks.

Is Wright now a thorn in Obama’s side? Wright told people in his speech that he is a pastor and Obama a politician so he speaks as a pastor and Obama says what politicians have to say [to get elected]. Does this mean that Obama agrees with Wright but says the opposite in order to gain higher office? Regardless of what he means, it is obvious that Wright has blackened Obama’s eye. It looks as if Wright has been offended by Obama’s constant denunciation of him and his preachings.

Is Pastor Wright now deliberately sabotaging Obama because Obama has distanced himself from his one time spiritual adviser? Has Obama become the black sheep of Wright’s flock? It seems like Wright is an intelligent man so he has to know that his multiple appearances will adversely affect Obama. Is he so vain that he is blind to the effect he is having or has he decided that Obama needs to pay for denouncing him? Does Wright think that trying to redirect the blame by saying white people are attacking the black church will play well with the very white people Wright thinks are racists?

It seems as if Pastor Wright has turned against Barack Obama. Is it because he is upset?

Or did the Clintons get to him?

Obama has Wright to mess things up and Hillary has Bill. You have to love watching the Democrats implode.

Big Dog

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12 Responses to “Wright Flock Loses Black Sheep Obama”

  1. Bosun says:

    You called it Brother. Excellent post.

    Bosuns last blog post..Wright Flock Loses Black Sheep Obama

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Bosun,
    Are you still holding things together in your area of ops?

  3. Angel says:

    great post title dude! :)

    Angels last blog post..Mark Steyn is da MaN

  4. Mr. Music says:

    What’s really key is that this whole “issue” plays itself out now. By November it will be very very old and uninteresting “news.” Wright is just not relevant to the very big issues facing America today: Health Care, The Economy, and the War in Iraq.

    Mr. Musics last blog post..Klaus Voorman Turned 70 Today

  5. Big Dog says:

    It might have played out had Wright kept his mouth shut.

    The economy is not as bad as people are making it out to be. It certainly is not as bad as the last 7 or 8 times we had a down turn. It will pick up again like it did after Bush was elected. Clinton was on the way to recession when he left office.

    Health care? I don’t want the government involved in health care. Government cannot run anything effectively or efficiently and they would cost us a lot of money.

    I don’t want to pay for other people’s health care, or their mortgages or anything else. I earn my money for my family and it is bad enough the government extorts it from me and then wastes it.

    Obama will not win the general election.

  6. Patsy says:

    All the applause at his speeches this week, the audiences audibly agreeing with Rev. Wright. I’m outraged that so many Liberal & Black citizens hate this country, have such bitterness and hatred in their hearts for Conservative & White Americans, that they want to tear this country apart — AGAIN. What was all that hard work for? All the years of struggle to enact Civil Rights legislation, then enforce the new law of the land and litigate it — was it all for naught?

    No matter what this country does, it will never be enough, will it? If that’s true, then we might as well give up. Because the Civil Rights movement was nothing more than a scam. One that had the righteous goals of racial equality and justice, simply as a byproduct, a mere accident. We all agreed, bought into it, and believed it was the right path for this country.

    Yet all along this has just been a Leftist ruse to bring down this nation. Pure and simple, the battle waged and won for racial equality is a big lie. And the sad thing is, guaranteeing civil rights & equal opportunity for all Americans was the right thing to do.

    Too bad Liberals, & evidently a great many Blacks, don’t want the American dream. They want us all to live an American nightmare.

    Well, screw them — they will never defeat this country. What a shame. Because we are there, we achieved the goal; the doors of opportunity are open for all who will walk through them. Instead the Left stands at that open door and shouts the same complaints when the doors were shut tight and locked.

    No more, enough of this crap. It’s time for all Americans to leave this behind and go hand-in-hand into the future as united fellow citizens. Anyone who doesn’t want to come along will be left behind to wallow in their own self-determined, chosen failure.

  7. Scott says:

    You know its ironic that the reason Obama will probably never get elected is not racial prejudice of whites but another black man’s bigotry against whites. Like Cosby said stop blaming white people for your problems and instead look to your own. Black people are too busy keeping other black people down.

    Wright did have a point about the “chickens coming home to roost” though. Our politicians have had a terrible and inconsistent foreign policy ever since the end of WWII. We’ve jumped into bed with anyone who is convenient for our current goals regardless of whether or not they match our other philosophies and values. We supported Sadam against Iran, we supported Iran against Sadam, etc. our foreign policy flip flops worse than John Kerry. That of course doesn’t me we deserved 9/11 but it certainly doesn’t endear us to many people. Look at it this way, our politicians screw us and we vote for them, imagine how they treat people who have little bearing on their chances of re-election.

    Not liking the scumbags who make up a good portion of our legislative bodies and how they behave doesn’t mean you’re not patriotic. You can love your country and not like your government, in fact we need four things to turn things around.

    1) Term limits on Congress
    2) Line item veto for the President
    3) More accountability for those in government
    4) A good house cleaning of our elected officials

  8. Scott says:


    Interesting little thing the Baltimore Sun has, a murder tracker. If you play with it you’ll see the majority of the murders are black males, then black females, then white females, with only a handful being anything else.

  9. Big Dog says:

    I don’t disagree with you one bit. I have always said we need to vote them ALL out and start fresh.

    Yes, our foreign policy has been strange which I think reflects policies of each party and who is in power at the time but both are equally to blame.

    No, 9/11 was not deserved as you say. If they wanted to attack us they should have attacked people who are fighters, not innocent civilians.

  10. Mr. Music says:

    I’m glad you are so certain Obama will not win the general election. I believe he will. I am not certain of it though, as certainly Americans have proven themselves capable of making the wrong choice before (Bush in ’04… I won’t get into ’00 as that was something else entirely.)

    But I have no doubt that Barack Obama is the best man for the job. I will be voting for him and I will be encouraging everyone I know to vote for him. A vote for McCain seems rather insane considering the sorry state of our country today. Why would Americans vote to stay on the same track when over 80% of them think we’re on the wrong track?

  11. Big Dog says:

    I don’t know that 80% of them think it is the wrong track. Why would people put a Democrat in office when all the economic troubles started after Congress was taken over by them?

    I am pretty sure Obama will not win. I am not certain he will get selected as the nominee. I don’t count out the Clintons or the Democrats ability to implode.

    Obama is not the best person for the job but none of them are the best. 300 million people in this country and these 3 are the best we can do???