Wow, is that our Military?

Since the war started we have had a small minority of people who want to see us lose. They look at our military as terrible people and they want to see them die. This was evident in the signs they carried and the slogans they chanted. They wanted our troops to kill each other and die at the hands of the terrorists. Our military can not be good.

This is from WBAL radio in Baltimore. It details how our armed forces are helping in the tsunami relief efforts. There are warships and 2200 Marines assisting in the effort. We are providing water purifying equipment and we are taking care of the more seriously wounded on our vessels.

Our military is stepping in because we have the training, equipment, and best people in the world. They are helping people in need. Too bad we can’t say the same about the jackasses who wanted them all to die. It is a shame that people from another nation are happier to see our troops than some of the people who live in this country.

I say Semper Fi to those Marines. I wish them and all other service members who are doing God’s work health and safety. Especially from the radical fundamentalist democrats who would like to see harm come to them.

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One Response to “Wow, is that our Military?”

  1. Traveller says:

    Dear blogger,

    I don’t have anything against your military as long as they don’t illegaly invade other countries. The world now see you usan military in action in Iraq. Your military are lowest scum on earth imaginable, they are murderers, low-life mercenaries dying for rich corporations to get even more richer. They are dogs on the pay of the corporations, when thier boss orders them to murder usan citizen they will have no qualms about murdering and killing their own countrymen.