Wouldn’t A True Patriot Spare Three Minutes?

There have been accusations that Barack Obama is unpatriotic and that he cares little about the country. He was not wearing a Flag pin until it became an issue and he did not place his hand over his heart when respect for the flag was called for. Obama wants to bring our troops home in defeat but we are not supposed to question his patriotism. I don’t think the wearing of a Flag pin makes one a patriot. Obama has one and he is no patriot. Failure to render proper respect shows a lack of knowledge or lack of willingness, neither of which is acceptable. And yes, I am questioning his patriotism and I don’t care if he likes it or not.

Wouldn’t a true patriot spare three minutes for the National Anthem? I just want to know if a true patriot would do something unpatriotic because it would cost about three minutes?

You see, the Obama campaign canceled the singing of the National Anthem at an event in New Hampshire because they needed to make room for another speaker.

[Londonderry senior Zach] Bencal, who sings the anthem for a number of school events and is actively involved in local community theatre [sic], had been contacted by the Obama campaign to sing the anthem. He agreed to do so, then was told later in the evening the anthem had been scratched from the program. Bencal said he was told by the campaign the decision was a simple programming change to make room for another speaker. Union Leader

How important could that person have been that a song which lasts about three minutes had to be scratched to make room? Did this important speaker only talk for three minutes or did this person speak for much longer than that? Why would the addition of another speaker cancel the singing of our National Anthem?

There was no reason whatsoever for canceling the singing of our National Anthem at this event and the very act of doing so demonstrates that Obama and his campaign have little respect for this country or its anthem. The three minutes it would have taken to sing the song is too much of an inconvenience for Obama and his band of unpatriotic cretins.

There is just no logical reason to do this and I can only conclude that Obama is unpatriotic. I welcome any other views that might be able to better explain it because it seems to me that they could have cut the campaign music and kept the Anthem, if time was really a concern.

Everyday on military posts throughout the world American men and women in uniform stop to pay respect to the flag when it is raised in the morning and when it is lowered in the evening. The songs played vary by service but this is done, twice a day, each and every day.

Why is it the man who wants to lead the troops as Commander in Chief can’t find three minutes to honor the Flag they fight for and are carried under when they make the ultimate sacrifice?

Obama is not ready to lead.

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Wouldn’t A True Patriot Spare Three Minutes?”

  1. Bill says:

    When I saw this on Drudge I simply could not believe it. And I asked the same exact questions. It’s not that long of a song…you couldn’t make the time, run long, cut something else? And who were you trying to make time for that was so important as to cut the National Anthem?

    I’m sure The One, if he is ever asked, will simply say that this is just another distraction and never really answer the question. The truth is, there is no answer to this that I would find acceptable. How can anyone not conclude that Obama lacks any real patriotism? Add this to his past actions (flag pin, hand over heart, blowing off the troops during his “field trip” to the Middle East and Europe) and a reasonable person would have to at least wonder and admit the possibility. The rest of us have our answer.

  2. Bill says:

    Hello –

    While I understand your point of view, I would rather the three minutes be spent by a candidate (be it Obama or McCain) explaining what he is going to do for our country. THAT is more patriotic than listening to a song, and I grew up on one of those military posts and listened (and sang) our anthem a thousand times.

    I agree that he could have “fit it in”. It’s only three minutes. But labeling him as unpatriotic because of this is a fallacy. This was some low-level person in his campaign doing a poor job, not Obama himself scratching the needle off our national anthem.

  3. Victoria says:

    I got an email that said that Obama and the Mrs. don’t like our flag and think it needs to be redesigned because “some countries view our flag as a sign of oppression,” and he doesn’t like the national anthem because it is too violent and warlike,”what with the bombs bursting in air and all.” Now snopes says this is false but with Obamas views and love and support of terrorists and dictators and their love and support of him, I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute. No not for one minute. The fact that he has not been completely checked out and may not even be a citizen of this country ought to tell you something. I pray for this country and that God has not taken his hand of protection off of it because as I read somewhere else the election of someone like him is a sign judgement is coming.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Since the song was scratched for a another speaker it makes it moot.

    Besides, surely they could fit it in and still explain their position. Obama has been campaigning since just after he got elected to the Senate. We know his positions, at least the ones he does not change, and the Anthem is important because the guy wants to represent the country. It has to be country first, not candidate first.

    I might dismiss it as a low level staffer doing a poor job but this is not isolated. Add them up and you have concerns.

  5. Martin Altizer says:

    Ever read “The Manchurian Candidate”? Obama is the “Malaysian Candidate”, hyped as a child by Islamic programming, and riding like an old growth log down greased skids to rule and ruin this country.

    What did YOU do after school at a ‘friend’s’ house? Think about it…