Would They Do It For Guns Or Babies?

The Montgomery County School System in Maryland will give community service credit to any student who attends the immigration protests. I suppose it is now OK to give students credit for supporting people who are committing illegal acts.

The Montgomery County schools’ decision to grant students community service credit for attending Monday’s immigration rights protest is raising concern among some parents as well as activists who say officials should focus on education, not political advocacy.

Montgomery is the only Washington area school system offering students credit for taking part in the event, to be held on the Mall — a decision Superintendent Jerry D. Weast said is consistent with how the system has operated.

“This is nothing new,” schools spokesman Brian K. Edwards said about the decision. “Advocacy is allowed.”

This is a bunch of liberal prattle. These students should not be out protesting for people to commit crimes. They should be in school. I have an idea to test if this school is just a bunch of moonbats or if they are sincere. The NRA should have a rally (protest) demanding that the Second Amendment be upheld and that all law abiding citizens be allowed to carry guns. I would like to see if that school system will allow students to get community service credit for that. How about a pro-life protest against in support of overturning Roe vs. Wade. Want to bet the school would not let the students out of class for either of these?

You want to know why Johnny can’t read? He can’t read because schools find ways to let Johnny skip class for BS reasons.

Big Dog

Source: Washington Post

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2 Responses to “Would They Do It For Guns Or Babies?”

  1. Jo says:

    On Fox N Friends this morinng Brian asked a guy supporting this that if the kids went to a KKK rally would they get credit? They guy said “That’s not the issue, it’s getting kids involved in the political process.” DUH!

  2. Robert says:

    I wonder if they would get credit for becoming Minute Men and spending some time stopping this illegal infestation?
    Probably not. Thanks