Would These Statements Make Me A Racist?

Louis Farrakhan’s “Millions More Movement” explains on its Web site that “It’s time for our leadership to stop acting solely on behalf of our churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, and organizations. It is time for us as leaders to come together and begin to think, plan, and act on behalf of the whole of our people.”

What it should really say: “When the Republican president’s polls get shaky, it’s time for the demagogues to come to Washington.”

Do poor blacks really need to hear “millions more” excuses why black men can’t be faithful to one woman and be responsible for the children they bear? Or why they can’t get an education because white people hate us?

Do poor blacks really need another venue for hip-hop multimillionaires to explain, in four-letter epithets, that blacks suffer because George W. Bush doesn’t care about them? This while these moguls get richer by the day peddling black booty on BET, inspiring black kids to live the life that guarantees to keep them poor?

Despite Farrakhan’s supposed objective to “empower” poor folks, he should understand, as more and more blacks are beginning to understand, that he, and other long-standing traditional black leaders, really promote quite the opposite.

If I had been the one to say it you bet the left would be all over me. Hell, look how they treated Bill Bennett. But fortunately for me, I did not say this. It was written by a black lady named Star Parker over at Townhall.com. I agree with what she has written.

The last thing that blacks need is for their so called leaders to treat them like victims. They need to be treated like intelligent, caring, individuals who can make it on their own. They do not need people like Jackson and Sharpton getting rich by making them victims.

Read her entire piece here.

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