Would A Religion Of Peace Do This?

We have seen many protests from the Muslim world. It seems that every time they get their knickers in a wad they protest. These protests are violent and almost always result in people dying. Someone flushes a Koran – protest, someone draws a picture of Mohammad – protest, don’t like what the US does, – protest. Every time you look the Muslims protest.

People on the left make claims about other religions as well. We are told that the Muslims are a peaceful people and that we do not judge Christianity by its violent past. I will admit that I would not want Christianity to be judged based on abortion clinic bombers. If Muslims had isolated instances of violence then I would dismiss that as well. however, these protests involve tens of thousands of people. These are not isolated radicals. Instead, these are large groups of radical people who are committing violent acts for their religion.

What else do we have? Well, we would expect that in any religion, religious leaders would step in and try to calm the violence. Not in Islam. The clerics in Islam encourage the violence. These are not just radicals folks, these are the main stream Muslims who are out causing violence at the behest of their religious leaders. A Pakistani cleric has offered $1 Million for the murder of a cartoonist who drew the prophet Mohammad. This guy is encouraging his followers to KILL a person who drew a CARTOON of the prophet Mohammad.

I defy anyone to explain how anyone in his right mind can call this the religion of peace. I want someone to map it out for me so that I can see any way an argument can be made that these are peaceful people when tens of thousands of them cause violence and their leaders offer money for murder. A small group is a radical wing. Large portions of the population represent the whole.

Source: Comcast News

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