Work Until You Die

A US biologist has concluded that the retirement age should be raised to 85 by the year 2050 because of trends in life expectancy. This means that people will have to work 20 years longer in order to enjoy a few years (if they are lucky) before they die. This will be welcome news to the Democrats because that gives them 20 more years of collecting Social Security and 20 fewer years people can receive it.

Seems to me part of the American dream is to work through your productive years putting away money for retirement so that you and your spouse can enjoy some years together before life’s end. Now they have ideas to take all that away. God forbid we should actually live longer in retirement and enjoy ourselves. No, the better thing would be for us to work right up until we drop dead.

The government listens to people like this and then makes decisions about our futures. Every time we turn around they are raising the retirement age, changing when you can draw Social Security all the while refusing to allow us to invest our Social Security deductions in our own futures. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could put their money where it would actually earn them some money and then they could retire when they wanted, not at a time the government deemed appropriate?

Imagine the year 2050 when 85 year old police officers, firefighter, jet pilots, and garbage collectors are retiring. Yep, their last 20 years or so on the job should be fun to watch.

Source: BBC News

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One Response to “Work Until You Die”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Dear God, Are they really trying to get all the black people to pay for all the white ladies? Shame on them!