Words of Wisdom for Tazer Victim

As many of you know by now Andrew Meyer was taxed by the police or campus security for an outburst at a John Kerry forum. Mr. Meyer was acting like an ass and as the story unfolds it appears he was intent on causing this, something I pointed to as a possibility in my update post. We can have a civil discussion about whether he should have been shocked but the fact is, he was and the bottom line is, he was responsible for his actions. Perhaps he should have sought guidance from a professional before he went there.

Guidance on being tazed

This is in Windows Media Player format.

I received this police report in an email.

Big Dog

Big Dog Salute to MF for this.

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4 Responses to “Words of Wisdom for Tazer Victim”

  1. kender says:

    notice the ethnicity on the police report is marked as “Not of Hispanic Origin?” So now we are either of hispanic origin or not?

  2. “Take the ass-woopin’, not the taser”, that is one of the funniest pieces of advice I have heard.

  3. Schatz says:

    Kender – I am so glad you noticed that and brought it up. I just recently was filling out some forms and came across that same situation. Now, I have studied some anthropology but only from a forensic perspective so I’m not an expert here but aren’t “ethnicity” and “race” different things? Ethnicity is defined as “ethnic traits, background, allegiance, or association.”
    That’s very arbitrary – I may choose to make my allegiance or association with any ethnic group and therefore consider myself as one of them?

    Race, however, has traditionally been determined using physical characteristics (in anthropology it would be facial shape, eye shape, brow ridge structure, nasal opening width, etc.) to group people of common ancestry together. (dictionary version – a group of persons related by common descent or heredity; any people united by common history, language, cultural traits, etc.).

    Based on this form, we either choose allegiance and association with Hispanics or not. That’s your ethnic background. Period. Why are they the only ethnicity represented? There are virtually hundreds of “ethic groups” throughout the world but they are the only ones that matter? I am very offended by that, personally.

    And as far as Race, again speaking from an anthropologic standpoint, there are only really three races: Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid (no offense meant to anyone – these are the terms that have been traditionally used to describe the physical differences based on various measurements/observations over time). However, the forms have like six races to choose from.

    I think someone in the form-making business is confused. Or maybe it’s just me…

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