Woodward Helps Libby Case, If Not Then Indict Him Too

In a stunning turn of events, the revelations of Bob Woodward of the Washington Post might help Scooter Libby beat perjury charges leveled against him in the Valerie Plame Blame Game. Woodward recounted his testimony and time line in an article and the time line shows that he discussed Plame with Libby (not the other way around). This is important for many reasons in that the time line suggests that Woodward learned of Plame from someone else long before Libby (or Rove) supposedly outed her. It also shows that Libby was not lying when he said he learned of Plame from a reporter. This is a major sticking point in the indictment because Libby Claimed he learned it from Tim Russert and Russert denied it so they charged Libby with lying. These event make it very likely that Libby was told by a reporter (Woodward) and just forgot which one it was since he had met with both of the aforementioned within two weeks of each other.

Certainly, this sheds a bunch of new light on the whole issue because we are now learning that Woodward learned well before others and that he kept this secret so he would not be subpoenaed while working on his book (nothing like having priorities). If he had come forth earlier it is possible that Libby might not have been indicted. I know there are those who so badly want something bad to come of this that they will argue Libby lied regardless of how you look at it. They will not conclude that he did not remember, they will conclude he lied.

I say that is fine but if they take that tact they need to indict Woodward because he messed up his times as well:

In today’s Post story, by reporters Jim VandeHei and Carol Leonnig, Woodward is quoted as saying he told Pincus that he knew about Plame’s true identity as a CIA operative in 2003. Pincus said, in the same story, that he did not recall Woodward telling him that, but believed he might have confused the conversation with one they had in October 2003 after Pincus wrote a story about being called to testify.

“In October, I think he did come by after I had written about being called and said I wasn’t the only one who would be called,” Pincus said, adding that he believed Woodward was talking about himself, but did not press him on it. “Bob and I have an odd relationship because he is doing books and I am writing about the same subject.”

Pincus said he did not believe Woodward had purposely lied about their conversation, saying, “I think he thought he told me something.”

I believe that if dates got mixed up it was not a lie. Woodward is a busy man and he probably got confused about dates. He is not anywhere as busy as Libby so if Libby messed up the name of a person with whom he spoke or the dates, it is just as likely that he was mistaken. In any event, if Libby is guilty of perjury and deserves to be “frog marched” around then the same holds true for Woodward.

I guess it’s not going to be a Merry Fitzmas after all.

Read it here, here, here, and, here.

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