Woods 4, Clinton 3 With Democratic Fuzzy Math

Now I know that sounds like a baseball score but it is the score of a hole of golf that was played by Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods. It has been no secret that Bill Clinton cheats at golf. Hell, cheating is part of his very fabric (think Monica) but it takes a lot of nerve to cheat while playing the greatest golfer in the world. I don’t condone cheating but one would think if Bubba were going to cheat he would do it with people who don’t have a good a grasp of the game as Woods.

Interestingly, my friend John K wrote a book entitled “Playing a Bad Lie” and it is all about the game of golf and how the rules are there for a reason. Rule breakers and the excuses for breaking the rules are compared to the way in which the Democratic party acts and goes about its business. That book is about Clinton and all those like him who play the game of golf the way they live their unethical lives.

I play golf, or should I say I play at it. I enjoy going out and hitting the ball and playing a round. I compete against myself and I write down what I get on the hole. I don’t know all the rules but I do know how to count. When you cheat at the game of golf you really only cheat yourself but when you use those same ethical (or lack thereof) principles govern your public life, it affects a lot of people.

If things work out, I might even get to enjoy a round with my friend John sometime this Summer. I will let you know how it goes and we will not be using Bill Clinton as a scorekeeper.

Source: NewsMax

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