With The MSM, It Is All About Them

Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a man while they were hunting. The story did not get out until about 24 hours later and it was published by a little paper in Texas. The MSM and especially the White House Press Corps went nuts. They are all upset that they did not know about the incident. They are wondering why the White House did not tell them sooner. There was even a shouting match that had all the makings of a grade school playground. In essence, they are upset they got scooped by a little newspaper.

I can not understand why Cheney did not report this sooner. I understand he was with the man and he was very concerned. I still think that if someone would have just put out a blurb saying that an accident happened and there would be details later it would have calmed things down. Given the hatred the press has for the Bush administration I can understand the reluctance but this is no scandal, it was an accident.

The comics all had fun with this and the press was stewing. No thought was given to the man who was shot. There were jokes about him being a lawyer and Cheney’s approval ratings going up. Some news folks wore orange hunting gear to be cute. In all this the only person who actually showed any concern was the Vice President. He was with his friend at the hospital. He called a number of times and he got regular updates. The press and the comics were all having fun at the man’s expense. It is amazing to me that the one man the press labels as cold and unfeeling showed more compassion than the so called compassionate liberals.

I wonder how they all feel today now that the man suffered a heart irregularity because of the bird shot? They labeled it as a minor heart attack but from what I hear he suffered an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation, for those who are interested). Cheney called today after the news of the heart complication. Meanwhile, the MSM continued to stew because they did not get their invitation to the prom.

This is a sad story of a friend accidentally being shot while hunting. The MSM ignores the human element for their own egos and for political gain. Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton had negative things to say about the delay in reporting (hey Hillary, how long did it take to report Monica to the world?). This is why the liberals and the MSM will continue to plummet and eventually fade from existence.

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3 Responses to “With The MSM, It Is All About Them”

  1. keef says:

    David Gregory is the biggest putz in a roomful of putzes–the WH Press Corps. Gregory must come from “old money.”

  2. keef says:

    They treat this incident like it’s the end of the world, when the end of the world lurks halfway around the world. The MSM completely ignored the speech given by the Iranian kooktator. The attention given to this hunting accident is astounding and unwarranted. I’m sick of our media!

  3. Big Dog says:

    Welcome Keef,
    And Amen to this. You would think that an accident was the beginning of Armageddon when that is happening in Iran.