With Muslims there are no Equal Rights

Religion of peace

It is no surprise that Muslims do not have equality between the sexes. They treat their women as having little value except as a vessel with which to repopulate. It is also true that the Muslim world does not treat non Muslims with equality. In the Muslim world they refuse to allow churches to be built and if there is one that gets damaged it is not allowed to be replaced. Never mind the idea of a synagogue. In the Muslim world non Muslims are killed because of their religion. The simple act of possessing a Bible could result in a death sentence.

Recently, an American business woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia because she sat with her male colleagues in a Starbucks coffee shop. She was arrested, taken to jail, strip searched, placed in a filthy jail cell where her clothes had been thrown in some muck and she was forced to sign a confession. All of this because some stone aged people did not like her sitting with men. It is their law so I suppose people should follow it. How do you think they would feel about imposing our laws over there? They would certainly be against it and yet they want Sharia law imposed in non Muslim countries.

The Muslims do not play by the same rules either. They come here (or other civilized countries) and if a Muslim woman is required to remove her burqa for some reason the Muslims go nuts and they threaten protests. Anytime they are required to follow a law that disagrees with their beliefs they raise a stink and CAIR shows up talking about the Muslim haters in America.

I would never let my wife go to one of those filthy places for any reason, business or not. First of all I would not want her around all those filthy, smelly, camel jockeys. Second of all I would not take kindly to my wife being treated improperly by these stone aged barbarians. I can’t understand why anyone does business there and certainly cannot understand how people tolerate the backstabbing goat herders they pass off as men.

Screw them all.

Times UK

Big Dog

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