With Friends Like this…..

By now everyone on the planet, especially the left who will salivate like rabid dogs, has heard about the “Bush Tapes.” A person believed to be a family friend secretly taped conversations with George Bush before he decided to run for the presidency. Doug Wead, an author and former aide to President Bush’s father, taped the conversations on several occasions. The tapes were never meant to be made public but Mr. Wead probably smells US currency and can not control himself.

I have read some of the conversations and heard some of them on the news. I am not surprised by anything on the tapes. Everything that I have heard has been addressed on a number of occasions during the past six or so years. I have not heard or read anything that contradicts the answers the President has given about various subjects that are addressed on the tapes. The big deal revolves around any past drug use by Bush. The conversations tend to indicate he used marijuana in the past and possibly tried cocaine. I say indicate because they can be taken one of two ways. Bush never came out and said I did this or that. He said he would not answer the questions because he did not want some kid to say I only did what the President did. True to his word, Bush has not answered those questions. What is truly amazing to me is that people are focused on this possible drug use as if it is an automatic disqualification for the Office. I wonder why Clinton was given as pass on marijuana use. It was youthful indescretion, we were told. Why are the standards so different? Hell, if this is an automatic disqualifier, most Americans would be disqualified for the job.

Another thing on the tapes is Bush saying that the whole investigation into Clinton was wrong. He then followed with a statement that Clinton had disgraced the nation. I can not see how this would be such a bombshell. Clinton did disgrace the nation. Bill Clinton himself knows that some of the things he did were a disgrace to the nation and they explain why he has had such a hard time defining his legacy. The important thing to remember is that Bush said these things in private to someone he thought was a friend. He did not know that this would be made public. Every politician in the world says things in private that would never be uttered in public. There is a time and a place for everything.

I do not think that this will have legs. There will be an uproar from some organizations. The left side of the blogosphere will go nuts with their typical Bush bashing. The tapes could have nothing more than Bush saying I am proud to be an American and the left would find fault with that. So this is to be expected. As yet, these tapes do not contain a “smoking gun.” They do not show Bush as a liar and they do not contradict any position he has taken in the past. So it is unlikely they will be the downfall of his second term, much to the displeasure of the left.

As for Mr. Wead, he has stooped to a very low position. He taped conversations without the approval of the other party. He claims to have done this from states where it is legal. Be that as it may, he has damaged his own credibility. I can not imagine that anyone would want to talk to him in private, given what he has done. People would have to wonder if they are being taped. This is unfortunate because George Bush values friendship and he has now been betrayed by a so called friend. Perhaps Mr. Wead will consider the same thing Judas did after he betrayed a friend.

The anti-Bush wing of the Government, The New York Times has the story.

I bet it won’t take long for our friends on the left to start using words like “cover up” and to distort the content of the tapes. Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to “With Friends Like this…..”

  1. Adam says:

    Well, what I thought when I saw the news was that it continues to make it clear to me how different Bush the man is compared to Bush the president. I honestly believe that Bush has compromised his faith and his beliefs to be the president he is today. In many instances Bush the man has showed compassion for the lessor amoung us, and his ranch is an ecologists dream. Bush the president in my opinion has undermined the environment, and his tax cuts have done more harm than good. Those are just two examples. A good quote from Bush is from a conversation concerning tax cuts, where Bush actually says,”Haven’t we already given money to rich people? Why are we going to do it again?” That is when Karl Rove tells him, “Stick to principle. Stick to principle.” Oh well. Just some late night thoughts…

  2. Big Dog says:

    I am not sure that the economists and the numbers would back up the claim that tax cuts have done more harm than good. I know that the economy is good, especially in the midst of a war. Numbers are as good or better than during the last administration when everyone said we were in great shape.
    I am unfamiliar with the conversation between Bush and Rove that you cite. Perhaps if you could send me a link to it I could better formulate an opinion.
    I would be interested in knowing how the environmentis in worse shape. Besides the Kyoto agreement, which is controversial, I would like examples.

  3. Adam says:

    I have addressed both of these issues in the past. Here is the Rove article I wrote as well as the sources for the Rove stuff. Here is my letter about the environment.