William Ayers Is Still A Coward

Back in the 1960s William Ayers, in cowardly fashion, terrorized the nation with his band of misfits and malcontents by bombing buildings and killing police officers. Terrorism is nothing more than cowardice and people who participate in it are nothing more than cowards. It is easy to secretly attack innocent people without any worry that they will fight back. If Ayers and his buddies had any testicular fortitude they would have fought in the open.

Ever since Ayers became cannon fodder for the McCain campaign, William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist, went into hiding. Rather than face the people who have questions about him, he decided to hide like the wimpy little coward that he is. Ayers’ response to the attention is that it is time for the GOP to get over it. I guess he thinks we should just forget the destruction, injuries, and deaths that he and his peeps caused. In Ayers’ mind, we should probably just get over 9/11.

Ayers is lamenting the attention that he has received since his fellow radical Barack Obama decided to run for the presidency. He cries that he receives endless mention by people like Bill O’Reilly. Ayers certainly wanted attention when he was attacking our government and the people of this nation. Ayers was certainly looking for attention when he declared war on this country and he certainly wanted attention when he was waging that war. He certainly wanted attention when his group devised the plan to blow up soldiers and their dates at Fort Dix. Thank God the bomb blew up and killed some of his people instead of our nation’s heroes.

Because of a technicality, Ayers was never prosecuted. He was jubilant when he said that he was guilty as sin and free as a bird. Yes, only in America.

Ayers slithered into a forum where he was the focus of attention of the 60 or so of the mind numbed Obama followers who came to hear him. The event was not open to reporters because Ayers is a coward. One did manage to sneak in and stated that there were laughs at “spreading the wealth” and the “Republican revolution.” If this appearance was like his others he spent time bashing the country and talking about the evils of capitalism. At the end of the appearance, he slithered out a back door where awaiting reporters were greeted with a “no comment”” as he was whisked away in a cab.

Ayers is a low life, scum sucking coward who attacked this country. The only sadness I have about his people being blown up is that all of them were not in the room went it went boom. It would have been fitting and it would have rid us of this parasite. It would have also prevented him from reproducing.

If Obama is elected and we are tested like Biden says will happen (mark his words), the only real poetic justice will be if that test wipes out Ayers and his family. If McCain is elected maybe the shock will give Ayers a heart attack and he will die a slow and agonizing death.

Just like that coward deserves.


Big Dog

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One Response to “William Ayers Is Still A Coward”

  1. David Kirk says:

    I don’t get it. Yes, he is a washed up terrorist from 40 years ago but how can people say so much time has passed that it is not relevant. Violent crime is always relevant. It’s like saying Gavrilo Princip’s assasination of Archduke Ferdinand is not relevant because it happened before I was born. Wake up people! His wife, Bernadette Dorhn was on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted. Just because the state of Illinois hires these 2 criminals to teach in schools of higher education doesn’t mean the rest of us have to fall for it. They couldn’t get a job in our county secondary school system with their history. They were not just another fringe group in the 60’s. They were a violent fringe group.