Will US Taxpayers Foot The Bill?

Governor Blanco of Louisiana is the model of a Democrat. She complains that there is not enough money and that others are not quick enough to help yet she authorized a half a million dollar upgrade to the State Capitol. This was done during a time when she was announcing that there needed to be budget cuts and that people might need to be laid off. How is it that she can afford this upgrade in light of a budget shortfall?

Perhaps Katrina was her golden cash cow. Now that the federal government has pledged billions of dollars to rebuild the area, who is to say that some of the money will not be siphoned off for these lavish upgrades? Blanco and Nagin should be kept under a microscope and every penny of taxpayer money accounted for. We have already seen the 400+ page proposal they submitted (with Mary Landrieu) to use taxpayer money to fix or start projects that had nothing to do with the damage caused by the hurricane.

Buyer beware is appropriate when it comes to monitoring the corruption that follows when politicians get their hands on our money. This is no more true than in Louisiana and I believe that Blanco and Nagin will spend our money recklessly unless they are held accountable by the taxpayers.

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One Response to “Will US Taxpayers Foot The Bill?”

  1. Ralph says:

    I am so sick of middle wage earners carrying the tax burden. I was laid off over a year ago and I still get the brunt of taxes-taxes-taxes. I’m desperate, going to lose the house and move 3 kids and a dog (and wife) into the back of the van and Uncle Damn Sam still wants half of my 401k. Give me a break! I found a company that could help me get MY money without the penalty and taxes which allowed me to save the house. If you need help–it’s out there and anyone who says you can’t do it, is just wrong.

    Good Luck,